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Traditional laptops are undergoing some changes, such as the Chromebook of the Internet. This unconventional notebook, between the tablet and the computer, runs browser-based Chrome OS, and is actually like a full-featured browser with storage and webcam components.

Although Chromebook has some limitations, it has advantages: fast, easy to operate and low in price. In addition to the Chromebook pixel is more expensive, the other Chromebook is not more than 300 U.S. dollars (about 1820 yuan), and you can also get the same as notebook computer keyboard input feel. The current market mainstream Chromebook brands include HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer and so on. Among them, Acer updated the product line in early 2014, launched the C720P series, configuration including the Haswell architecture Celeron processor, 32GB storage, HDMI interface, SD card support and even a touch screen, but also has a variety of different body colors.

Multiple versions of C720 and c720p:

Before delving into the c720p-2600, let's take a look at some of Acer's slightly confusing product model settings, the following are the main models for the C720 (Non touch screen) and c720p (touchscreen):

c72-2848 (199 USD, about 1207 RMB): 16GB, Silver/Grey

c720-2420 (249 USD, about 1510 RMB): 32GB, Silver/Grey

c720p-2666 (299 USD, about 1820 RMB): Touch screen, 32GB, silver/Gray

c720p-2600 (299 USD, about 1820 RMB): Touch screen, 32GB, white

As you can see, the C720P series is mainly provided with a new fuselage color, and the configuration is basically consistent. In the purchase, try to avoid C7 and C710 and other old models.

Fuselage design: a good sense of cheap material input

Acer's c720p body uses a whole plastic material, the overall texture is somewhat inexpensive, looks like a children's computer, compared to HP's Chromebook 11 is not thin fashion, but still more durable. The trial version is white, although the design is not different, but slightly reduced the silver-gray version of the cheap sense.

Acer c720p has a good full-size keyboard, although it does not support backlight but can achieve a smooth typing effect, a medium-sized touch pad is very sensitive, smooth click effect, but also has enough space to achieve multi-touch operation, which is Chromebook compared to the advantages of tablet computer.

Acer C720P has a 11.6-inch, 1366x768-resolution touch screen that doesn't look too good, but it's enough for everyday use on the Internet. As for touch screens, because Chrome OS does not actually have a touch interface like Windows 8 Metro, more application value is embodied in the use of touch applications and games such as Google Maps and Angry Birds. However, Acer is relatively honest, touch screen version of the c720p is only 300 yuan more expensive than C720, HP Chromebook 11 is only about 130 yuan, so it can be acceptable.

Main configuration: Rich interface and new Celeron processor

Acer C720P has a more comprehensive interface design, including USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors, full-sized hdmi, and an SD card slot. 32GB of storage space is not too large, but can be extended through the SD card. However, it does not support Ethernet interfaces and Bluetooth 4.0.

The Acer c720p Celeron processors have better performance than C720, the Haswell architecture gives them better battery life, and 2GB RAM is also a mainstream configuration. Network configuration, the machine only has WiFi version (802.11 a/b/g/n), but does not provide a mobile network version, this aspect of HP's model to do a better job. In addition, Google provides it with a 100GB two-year free Google Drive cloud space, as a supplement to local storage.

In terms of performance, Acer c720p can provide a smoother web browsing effect, but if heavy application speed slows down. Clearly, it is not a replacement for a Windows notebook, but as an auxiliary Internet tool with a full keyboard.

Chromebook can do (not do) anything

Chrome OS has a lot of restrictions, but if you are basically in the network environment, often use cloud services, then it is a good super fast computer. Start time is within 10 seconds, you can browse the Web page in the browser, chat online, and then with the Acer c720p keyboard and touch screen, than the general mobile platform of the tablet computer has a better operating experience. In the Chrome Web store based on HTML5 technology, you can download a wealth of apps, including some of the mainstream games on the mobile platform.

The disadvantage is that most chrome apps must be used online, such as not supporting local printing. Of course, Google is also trying to improve the situation, so that more applications can be run locally. However, Chrome OS is still not compatible with Android apps.

Chromebook can also be compatible with Google's Chromecast TV stick, which means that the Chromebook video can be transmitted wirelessly to the TV, the projector on the play. In addition, the Chrome OS also supports running Windows through virtual machines, only because the overall experience of configuring relationships is not too good.

Battery life: Can meet the basic application

In 2012, Chromebook had only about 3 hours of battery life, and thanks to the progress of the processor, Acer C720P is now able to achieve about 6 hours of online video playback, a figure that is clearly more desirable. Of course, the current part of the MacBook and Windows notebook can achieve up to 8-10 hours of mixed use time, Chromebook clearly need to further enhance the endurance.


On the whole, Acer c720p can be said to be one of the best Chromebook at the moment, with balanced performance, a decent endurance, a touch-screen experience plus the right price to make it look worthwhile. Of course, Chromebook's limitations are inevitable, but they also have their advantages: faster and cheaper than cheap windows notebooks, and a better input experience than tablets. And, from the current sales trend, Chromebook will not soon disappear, but will be in education, low-end computer consumption in the field of shine.

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