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Acer Acer relies on a thick brand culture, choose the resurrection of the millennium's ingenuity, the effort to create a landmark Acer Hummingbird s5-371, to refresh the human aesthetic standards of "bright thin", "elegant", "smart", and continue to conquer people's senses and hearts, for the fashion of the United States to make a new definition. Today, let's start with a set of artistic beauty, walk near Acer Hummingbird, witness the legend.

Acer Hummingbird s5-371 chose elegant Bai stone black two never be time to dilute the fashion color, after nano-imprint printing process of aluminum alloy cover, the surface shows an elegant texture effect, a black, white, the same texture, not the same feeling, whether it is implicit in the mature wise, Or warm like fire fashion women, can be in the field of Acer Hummingbird, so that their aesthetic style and the most in fashion resonate.

The current edge cutting edge and diamond cutting design appear in this cool to thin metal notebook, the plane of the hummingbird was given a sharp-edged stereo visual effect, with diamond cutting edge such as fire color reflective, as if the master of the portrait of nausea masterpiece production, so full of scientific and technological sense of the notebook into a leisurely day into the crafts.

Engraved with Aspire S logo rotating shaft, is called Acer Hummingbird s5-371 of the point of the pen, champagne gold elegant white high contrast color so that the color theme of the hummingbird is no longer monotonous, in the silent display of character. As the cooling window and the status indicator platform design, it embodies the designer never waste every weight of excellence.

This is Acer Hummingbird s5-371, Tribute to Craftsman spirit of the scientific crystallization. Dazzle thin, elite, never shred compromise on performance, nor tolerate even an ounce of weight without a sense of design.

The assembly line manufacturing model of contemporary large industry, is killing the inspiration of the creative personality, however, utensils have the soul, the craftsman from the insistence, engraved with the ingenuity of Acer Hummingbird s5-371, representing Acer Acer 40 years of self adherence, incarnation as a winged hummingbird, continued to write about technology and the myth of the United States.

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