Acer Monthly sales of 3000 Yuan notebook computer recommended

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The Acer e1-471g-32342g50mnks notebook uses the bright piano black upper cover and the Silver Palm Support area to enrich together creates a suppressed internal appearance, the soft monochrome and the Matt performance mutually contrasts, is more abundant the overall appearance a kind of simple beauty. The design of the control area focuses on the use of chromatic aberration contrast method. Smooth silver and matte black are used separately in different functional areas, making the entire control area look efficient and distinct.

Acer e1-471g-32342g50mnks Notebooks

In addition, the notebook interior design is very practical, to reduce the control of unnecessary interference in the area. The keyboard area is designed for matte black to make the letter keys more easily tapped. The trackpad also has a matte treatment to enhance the touch-control sense.

Acer e1-471g-32342g50mnks notebook interior tends to design

In terms of hardware configuration, the Acer E1-471g-32342g50mnks notebook uses a second Daicouri i3 processor, 2G memory, 500G hard drive, plus a more mainstream gt630m 1G performance-level independent graphics, performance on the low end of the positioning, Can meet the general public games and high-definition Audio-visual entertainment, office and other needs. As a notebook less than 3000 yuan, cost-effective aspect is quite outstanding.

Interface, Acer E1-471g-32342g50mnks has VGA, HDMI, 3 USB2.0 interface, and also equipped with two-in-one card reader, optical drive and other products, interface is still relatively rich, Unfortunately, the laptop does not have a USB3.0 interface, but it does not affect most users.

Acer E1-471g-32342g50mnks Notebook interface

Brand Model: Acer e1-471g-32342g50mnks

Body Color: Black

CPU Model: i3-2348m (second Daicouri i3)

CPU Frequency: 2.3GHz

Level Three cache: 3M

Memory Capacity: 2GB DDR3 (maximum support 8G expansion)

Hard drive Capacity: 500GB 5400 ext/min

Display chip: NVIDIA GeForce gt630m Independent 1GB

Optical drive type: Dvd-supermulti burning optical drive

Screen Size: 14-inch 1366 x 768

Screen type: LED Backlight mirror widescreen

Network type: 10/100mbps wired network, 802.11b/g/n wireless module

USB Interface: 3 USB2.0

Camera: Standard 1.3 million megapixel HD camera

Card reader: Multi-all-in-one card reader (SD, MMC, MS, Ms PRO, XD)

Notebook Net weight 2.4 kg

The Acer E1-471g-32342g50mnks notebook is priced at only 2899 yuan in Jingdong Mall, which is perhaps the biggest reason for the highest monthly sales of the Notebook. Its equipped with i3-2348 processor, GT630 high-end graphics, DVD high-end double burner, the appearance of a reasonable, exquisite workmanship, plus up to three years of warranty service, what can be said, is indeed a cost-effective king of the machine! We recommend that you choose to upgrade 4G original memory to purchase, The investment is not big but can bring the unexpected effect!

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