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Usage: Run "!" Green. Bat "can be used normally.
Run "!) Thumbnail. Bat "can realize the PSD file thumbnail view function;
Run "-) dismount. bat" To remove what is added to the system during greening.

Third Edition update content:
1, listen to some of the views of netizens, delete the Master sketch filter (Strokes Master 1.15), because many netizens
Reflection of this filter is sometimes problematic, although I try to try to find no problem, because the reflection of many people,
So you have to take care of them, you need to increase your own
2, the integration of MSVCR71.dll, MSVCR70.dll, msvcp71.dll three files, the system is normally normal
There should be these several documents, but many users of the system is not a normal system, ask to go, OK,
Add on the bar;
3, the thumbnail function to register separately, to ensure that the main program can be successfully registered.
The following is a description of the third party filter, integrated:
1, Alienskin Eye Candy 5 Nature English version:
It's a suite of 10 Photoshop natural filters. The second edition of the three upgrade packages of Eye Candy 4000 simulates the effects of fire, smoke, rust, snow and ice in nature.

2, Alienskin Eye Candy 5 Textures Chinese Version:
Alien Skin Company's latest masterpiece Eye Candy 5 textures filter, the function is really powerful. No language table.
Support PHOTOSHOP 6+, Fireworke MX, Paint shop Pro 7+, the texture-realistic effect produced
It was amazing. The Chinese version of the "Shadow Studio", but the original Chinese version of the Eye Candy 5 textures Core.dll file may not be handled improperly, resulting in the most important preset files can not be used, it will Eye Candy 5 textures Core.dll This document to replace the original document. Here, please "shadow Studio" forgive me.

3, Alienskin Eye Candy 4000 Chinese version:
This I do not have to introduce the bar, contains the reverse phase, chromium alloy, sparkle, glow, shadow, HSB noise, water droplets, traces, digging shears, glass, bevel, smoke, whirlpool, hair, wood grain, weaving, stars, strabismus, marble, shaking, movement traces, melting, flame a total of 23 effects filters. The Chinese version by the "Digital Mirror Altar" Administrator Fishs Han (

4, Alienskin xenofex 2.0 Chinese version:
Alien's newest Masterpiece Xenofex filter kit contains 14 powerful filters: Burnt Edges
Burning Edge (new), Constellation Constellation, cracks crack (new), Crumple wrinkle, electrify electric shock, shatter smash, flag banner, Lightning Lightning, Little fluffy clouds flocculation cloud, Classic Mosaic Classic Mosaic (new), Rip Open Edge (new), puzzle puzzles, stain pollution, television tv, etc., just to meet your special graphic image creation needs. Can support Photoshop 6+, Fireworke MX, Paint shop Pro 7+! The Chinese version of the "Shadow studio" Chinese.

5, Alienskin Image Doctor 1.01 Chinese version: Fishs Chinese image Doctor is a new and powerful image correction filter. Suitable for Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint shop Pro and other image editing software. Image doctor can magically remove stains and various bugs, quickly fix overly compressed JPEG files, and seamlessly replace unwanted details and objects. Imagedoctor contains:
Smart Fill (You can remove clutter from a large area of background)
Scratch Remover (Repair scratch pictures)
Spot lifter (with the function of removing wrinkles, etc.)
Several filters such as JPEG Repair (a JPG file that fixes a drop in image quality due to compression).

6, DCE Tools 1.0 Chinese version: Westerly crazy poetry Chuhanhua
DCE Tools for Photoshop plugin is a set of Photoshop Plug-ins from the mediachance company, including CCD noise repair, Portrait skin repair (usually called portrait grinding), intelligent color reduction, exposure compensation, pillow distortion correction, bucket distortion correction , as well as a global automatic repair of 7 plug-ins.

7, Knockout 2.0 Chinese version: yc-Zhouhanhua
Corel Company's professional to the background software, even very fine hair can be separated from the complex background. A professional term is the creation of a "mask", called a back, that separates a particular subject from the background for other subsequent designs. For example, pull the characters out of the landscape to change the background. At present, other image processing software, such as PhotoImpact, PhotoShop ... And so on, in fact, can also carry out the homework, but less than knockout come to powerful and convenient. In the Corel knockout, if the background is relatively simple, we simply define the Inside and Outside two selected areas, and then click the Process button, usually can complete the back of the job. The accuracy of its back, fast and convenient, easy to the extent that other software is difficult to be the same!

8, Sketch Master 1.15 Chinese version:
Sketch Master is an Adobe PhotoShop plugin-Sketch master, who can handle photographs and make them into realistic-style hand-painted works. Can simulate pencil, ink pen, color chalk, charcoal and sprayer and other tools.


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