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Flowers are always the same photography theme, summer we go to the grassland, Flower Lake, is to enjoy the fragrance of nature, the itinerary we use the camera record this beautiful, hope to share the beautiful to friends. Want to take flowers more artistic conception, in addition to the early election light and preparation, the latter is equally important. Now let the good pictures teach you three steps to create a slightly poetic watercolor painting style of flower photography.

Let's start by looking at a picture watercolor hand-painted style sample diagram.

Figure I, watercolor hand-painted style sample diagram

To imitate this effect, we must first understand the characteristics behind watercolor hand-painted flowers. Analysis, their contrast is low, color saturation is low, in addition to the color of flowers, the background are left white. Therefore, we should choose as far as possible in the early shooting daisies, chamomile, such as flowers with light petals, color is preferred to the fresh and elegant, but also to choose a clean plain background, light is the best in the evening backlight. This will make the petals more transparent, color will not be too strong.

Figure II, pictures from the network

The author tried the effect with a good photograph.

Figure III, the processing of the petals slightly hand-painted texture, but also more transparent

The good photo is an extremely easy to start the photographic post-processing software, currently has the Windows edition, the Apple Mac Edition, the mobile client Android version and the iOS edition, is very suitable for each kind of photograph processing.

First step: Reduce the contrast. Open the picture, in adjustment and cropping, select the contrast adjustment in the basic adjustment, reduce the number to-100.

Figure IV, reducing contrast

Step two: Bright colors. Reducing contrast in the previous step is actually preparation for this step using a filter, you will find that the contrast of photos will increase, and we need to use the filter to color, the contrast and the original image, so the contrast is minimized. Now use the filter "warm tone", strength 100. After the color palette, the flowers are more pink and transparent.

Figure five, warm colors make the flowers more pink

Step three: Into the painting. Increase the contrast and let the filters disappear around the flowers.

Figure VI, warm filters make the flowers more transparent

Fourth step: cropping. Flowers on both sides of the blank more suitable for 竖幅 composition, the selection of cutting tools in the 5*7 cut, modified for the vertical frame.

Figure VII, re-composition

Do you like the watercolor painting style? Hope their freshness and elegance will bring some coolness to you in the summer.

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