Agile Software Development Declaration-Manifesto for Agile Software Development

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Agile development, no one will, no

No documentation, fast activation, and users can change anything they say?

The following is a joke, said Daniel of wangwu village-

I recently switched to a job and earned 40 thousands or 50 thousands yuan after work. I took the drawing and saw it. Isn't it just a chimney? We are Agile teams. What documents do we need? Start working now!

It was almost finished. The customer came to check and beat me! I am wronged!

It turns out that the drawings have fallen, and people have to dig a well.

However, we are an agile team, and we have to embrace changes when we are hit by customers. We can't waste the building of a chimney. We need to rebuild the chimney constantly and reuse the code. So we dug a big hole on the ground, inserted the reconstructed chimney into strength, and finally completed the "well!


I talked about the agile development process in the course "modern software engineering". The content is much higher than "no documentation, quick work, and users can modify anything.


The following is a brief description of the meaning mentioned on the agile declaration page:


Existing practices

Agile practices

Processes and tools

Personal and communication

Complete documentation

Available Software

For contract negotiation

Cooperation with customers

Execute the original plan

Respond to changes


We agree that "existing practices" have their value, but we prefer "agile practices ".

Concerning the 12 principles of Agile Software Development, I am here.


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