Ali small money How to loan Ali Penny Loan application conditions

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Ali Small Loan application conditions

Application criteria: Sesame Credit 580 points or more

Application condition Two: Age at 22-50 years old

Application of three: Grant the letter Taobao or Jingdong electric account to obtain the amount

Ali pennies how to loan

1, open Ali Money software, and then find Ali small micro-letter public number interface, and then click on the application,

2, after entering the "immediately apply for" registration or have Taobao, everyone, micro-bo, registered real-name authentication, and then brush the post, brush 3~5, followed by the binding card part, to bind the credit card, and then refresh the amount can be yo ~

Ali Penny Advantage

Alibaba to do the backing you feel safe, not afraid to flee also not afraid to cheat.
Ali Penny: This is a typical case of sesame credit applied to a third party, based on your personal data (electrical quotient, social data, behavioral data, public data, etc.) to give you a rating

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