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Since the poetic circle of "pear body" spread to the network, as the "worm" generally, the online variety of "body" began a wave after wave, one after another prevailed. These so-called "body", in fact, is a kind of imitation, such as The imitation of some hot news in the classic passages of the content and tone, to spoof. Today, we will take stock counts and look at the various "bodies" that have brought us countless "joys".

Pear Body

The pear body is from the female poet Zhao Lihua's name homophonic, Zhao Lihua "The saliva" the style poetry, has caused the imitation on the net the upsurge, many people discovered: Originally I also can write a poem.

A man came to Tennessee

Zhao Lihua

No doubt

I made the Pies

Is the whole world

Best food.

The writing skill of the pear body:

1. Casually find an article, pick one of the words, take apart, divided into several lines, became a pear poem.

2. Record a sentence of a 4-year-old child, according to his words when the punctuation list, is also a pear poem.

3. If a person with stuttering, his words is a wonderful pear poetry.

4. A foreigner who speaks Chinese fluently is also a natural pear-blossom poet.

Where the object

Where the object stems from Han and Wang Yi-fan for every customer sincere product endorsement of an advertisement, the advertisement is intended to tease the mainstream culture, highlighting the brand's personality image, but it is another way to incur a lot of netizens onlookers, a time on the internet emerged a large number of the object of the post, the spokesperson was also switched into small Shenyang, Fengjie, Guo, Chen and other celebrities. Its advertising words are extremely ridicule, hilarious.

Where the greatest feature of the object is a continuous number of "love what What", and then a few words "I am not what", the last one to "what I am".

Left: Where the object is described

Under: Gray too Wolf where the object

Roaring body

The roaring body originated from Douban. Douban's Jingtao group is the most famous, they are often exaggerated in the film and television works, to roar the appearance of television actor Ma Jingtao as the archbishop.

The roaring body often gives a feeling of imposing like a rainbow, as if repressed for too long and instantly erupts. Its biggest characteristic has 3:1, the sentence frequently appears "has the wood to have" the word, two, the sentence frequently appears "cannot injure" the word, three, the sentence at the end to enclose many exclamation marks.

You can't afford to learn French!


The French count is the best of all!!!

76 do not read 76 Ah!

Read 60 plus 16!

96 do not read 96 Ah!

Read four 20 plus 16!

The French are so good at maths that they have!!! of wood.

100 add and subtract without a calculator directly read out AH there are wood!!!


The following omitted 3,000 words have wood have!!!

Taobao body

Taobao is now a popular body, imitation is the tone of Taobao sellers. Commonly used words such as "pro", "Oh" and so on, such as:


It's not good to stay up,!!!

Mail OH!!!

Do not wipe 0 Oh!!

Send a small gift Oh!!

Taobao Popular, the police Taobao body is not, a user in Sina Weibo Weibo said, "all said the police too fierce, after this good:" Kiss, why do you want to crime? Pro, administrative detention 10th do not mail Oh pro ... "This microblog is being forwarded by fans, and there are many people with a lot of comics, humor and fun." This also shows that Taobao is how much love.

Other kinds of "body"

In addition to some of the more influential "bodies" described above, there are other "bodies" that have also been popular for a while. The more famous are:

Honey body: sugar and flour porridge "' powder porridge small jingle drop Oh '

Companion body: "Snow White" renamed "The Poor sister, Ah, seven Yi Bhoyun brother for you prop up a small piece of heaven"

Red House body: Sad and confused, a better girl quietly told me: people this sub all listen to Coco, sherry, alone you so not inflow, always listen to these sad music. Disturbed everyone's interest ... Later still change it, in the end is still gregarious some good ...

Qiong Yao Body: I even if how ruthless no matter how cruel again how vexatious, also can not be more ruthless than you more brutal more vexatious!...... (Infinite Loop)

School body: Every xx life is a broken wing angel.

Pack 13 body: In the afternoon, feel a little thirsty, went to buy robust pure water. Take a sip lightly, the taste is indeed better than wahaha ...

Destiny: OK, that is you, really owe you in the last life!

Loli body: Today the weather is good oh, or tender 3rd pinch, Hee XI, tender drops of the mood is often sunny, hee, I drop the mood is often gray often sunny yo.

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