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Introduction to Amazon Zocalo


When you want to share files at work, and want others or even a group of people to give you feedback, and then submit them to you for modification, you can also modify different versions, then, let's repeat and discuss the corrections. What will you do?

We usually send these files via email, ask for feedback from others, and store files of different versions locally. However, this is not the best solution, email may not be a good tool for more and more files to be shared and more people to collaborate.


Amazon AWS recently launched a brand new enterprise cloud storage and sharing service Amazon Zocalo (the city "Central Square"), named after Zocalo, I want to express this service as a central square. Different people can exchange and express their opinions in this square. Zocalo provides easy-to-use enterprise storage and sharing tools, allowing users to share files between desktop platforms and mobile devices, helping users quickly collaborate with others. As the owner of a file, you can share the file with others and ask for feedback.

Zocalo can also meet enterprises' strict security requirements. It provides users with secure document access and sharing tools to encrypt stored and transmitted data. Enterprise Users can log on to the service using their original authentication information to ensure that authorized users can access the service.


Zocalo also supports file cloud storage and cross-device synchronization, and provides a unified experience on PCs, laptops, and tablets, and file synchronization between devices, to ensure that information is available anytime, anywhere. You can install the Zocalo client application on your desktop and laptop (Windows 7 or MACOs supported) and specify a synchronization folder. Once this is set, when you save the file to the synchronization folder, it will automatically encrypt the upload to Zocalo and synchronize it to other devices. You can also use mobile devices like iPad, kindlefire, and Android tablets to access Zocalo.


Next we will use three different roles (user, collaborators, and administrators) to introduce how to use Zocalo


Zocalo user


After the administrator configures the Zocalo account for you, you can simply access the Zocalo website and log on to and use it.


After logging in, you can see the following on the home page:



You can easily create folders and subfolders on the left-hand side, and add files by dragging them.



Zocalo can accept files up to 5 GB. You can upload multiple types of files. Zocalo supports office documents, PDF files, images, and text files. You can share files with others, request their feedback, and set a deadline.



You can view the statuses and actions of the file sharer and collaborators online.



When you see someone giving you feedback, you can click the "feedback" menu to see how they comment.



You can click feedback to bring out the text section marked with suggestions in the document. In order to easily distinguish the feedback of different people, each person has his/her own unique logo color.


Next, you can read all the comments, edit the file, and upload another modified version for further review.

Collaborators of Zocalo


If you are invited to participate in file reviews, you can easily view the files shared to you on the following page.



From these files, you can click which file you want to review and leave your suggestions in the text section.


After you complete the review, you only need to press the button to send your comments.

Zocalo Administrator


Every Zocalo must have at least one administrator. Just as a central plaza requires an administrator to take charge of the entire square order, the Administrator must create and manage user accounts, set security policies, and manage storage restrictions, and generate audit reports.


You must first use the AWS console to set up an account


You can select Quick Start or standard setup to connect to your local user directory.



If you use Quick Start, you only need to enter a few parameters.


Several minutes later, you will receive an email notification that your central plaza Zocalo has been successfully established.


You only need to set the password to become the Zocalo Central Plaza administrator.


After you log on to a dashboard, you can set the storage capacity of each user. By default, new users get GB of storage for free. The administrator can also choose to allow additional storage space. Billing is based on the monthly quota per GB.


You can control three different file sharing permissions:

1. There is no limit on external sharing. 2. share only some domain names. 3. Do not allow external sharing.



The following describes how to enter a domain list



You can also set the invitation mechanism:

1. Users can invite anyone. 2. Only some domain names are invited. 3. Only Administrators can use this function.


At this time, you can invite others to become Zocalo users. as administrators, you can see their storage utilization and document audit logs.


Pricing and usage


Zocalo is fully integrated with Amazon workspaces. Every cloud desktop user can use zocalo50gb storage, Zocalo web applications, Zocalo tablet applications, and audit file functions for free. The Zocalo administrator can upgrade the storage of these users to 200 GB, and each user only needs 2 USD per month.


If you do not use Amazon workspaces, Zocalo is priced at $5 per user per month, including 200 GB of storage. Additional storage space will be priced in tiered mode, with an additional amount charged per GB per month.


Zocalo is currently available in the US East (Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland. All files are encrypted and stored in the selected region.


For more details, refer



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