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In Android, wallpaper management is primarily undertaken by wallpapermanager.



Provides access to the system wallpaper. With wallpapermanager, you can get
The current wallpaper, get the desired dimensions for the wallpaper, set
Wallpaper, and more. Get an instance of wallpapermanagergetInstance().



The initialization method is

Wallpapermanager = wallpapermanager. getinstance (this );


The method to obtain the current wallpaper is:

Drawable = wallpapermanager. getdrawable ();


To set an image as a wallpaper



Bitmapdrawable source = new bitmapdrawable (PATH); </P> <p> try {<br/> wallpapermanager. setbitmap (source. getbitmap (); <br/> IV. setimagedrawable (source); <br/>}catch (ioexception e) {<br/> // todo auto-generated Catch Block <br/> E. printstacktrace (); <br/>} 


The following figure shows the implementation result:



After the wallpaper is changed:



The Code is as follows:


Package young. mywallpapermanager; <br/> Import Java. io. file; <br/> Import Java. io. fileinputstream; <br/> Import Java. io. filenotfoundexception; <br/> Import Java. io. ioexception; <br/> Import Java. io. inputstream; <br/> Import Java. io. inputstreamreader; <br/> Import Java. util. arraylist; <br/> Import javax. security. auth. privatecredentialpermission; </P> <p> Import android. app. activity; <br/> Import android. app. wal Lpapermanager; <br/> Import android. graphics. bitmap; <br/> Import android. graphics. bitmapfactory; <br/> Import android. graphics. drawable. bitmapdrawable; <br/> Import android. graphics. drawable. drawable; <br/> Import android. OS. bundle; <br/> Import android. view. contextmenu; <br/> Import android. view. menu; <br/> Import android. view. menuitem; <br/> Import android. view. view; <br/> Import android. view. contextmenu. Contextmenuinfo; <br/> Import android. view. view. onclicklistener; <br/> Import android. widget. button; <br/> Import android. widget. edittext; <br/> Import android. widget. imageview; <br/> Import android. widget. textview; <br/> public class mywallpapermanager extends activity {</P> <p> private imageview IV; <br/> private button changeimagebutton; <br/> private textview currenttextview; </P> <p> private arraylist <F Ile> images; <br/> private wallpapermanager; </P> <p>/** called when the activity is first created. */<br/> @ override <br/> Public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {<br/> super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); <br/> setcontentview (R. layout. main); </P> <p> // obtain the desktop wallpaper <br/> wallpapermanager = wallpapermanager. getinstance (this); <br/> drawable = wallpapermanager. getdrawabl E (); </P> <p> IV = (imageview) findviewbyid (R. id. imview); <br/> currenttextview = (textview) findviewbyid (R. id. currentwall); <br/> changeimagebutton = (button) findviewbyid (R. id. changewallpaperbutton); </P> <p> IV. setimagedrawable (drawable); </P> <p> // registerforcontextmenu (changeimagebutton); <br/> changeimagebutton. setoncreatecontextmenulistener (this); </P> <p> // retrieve all images <br/> images = new arraylist <File> (); <Br/> getallfiles (new file ("/sdcard ")); <br/>}</P> <p> @ override <br/> Public void oncreatecontextmenu (contextmenu menu, view, <br/> contextmenuinfo menuinfo) {</P> <p> menu. setheadertitle ("click to set as desktop Wallpaper"); <br/> for (INT I = 0; I <images. size (); I ++) {<br/> menu. add (0, I, I, images. get (I ). getname (); <br/>}</P> <p> @ override <br/> Public Boolean oncontextitemselected (menuitem item) {<br/> String name = (string) item. gettitle (); <br/> // obtain the image by name <br/> string Path = getelementbyname (name ). getpath (); <br/> // <br/> bitmapdrawable source = new bitmapdrawable (PATH ); </P> <p> try {<br/> // set as wallpaper <br/> wallpapermanager. setbitmap (source. getbitmap (); <br/> // display <br/> IV. setimagedrawable (source); <br/>}catch (ioexception e) {<br/> // todo auto-generated Catch Block <br/> E. printstacktrace (); <B R/>}< br/> return true; <br/>}</P> <p> // obtain all PNG and jpg JPEG files. <br/> private void getallfiles (File root) {</P> <p> file files [] = root. listfiles (); </P> <p> If (files! = NULL) <br/> for (file F: Files) {</P> <p> If (F. isdirectory () {<br/> getallfiles (f ); <br/>}< br/> else {<br/> // check the file type <br/> string fpath = f. getpath (). substring (F. getpath (). lastindexof (". ") + 1, F. getpath (). length (); <br/> // if it is an image <br/> If (fpath. equals ("PNG") | fpath. equals ("jpg") {<br/> images. add (f); <br/>}</P> <p> private file getelementbyname (string name) {<br/> for (INT I = 0; I <images. size (); I ++) {<br/> If (images. get (I ). getname (). equals (name) <br/> return images. get (I); <br/>}< br/> return NULL; <br/>}</P> <p >}< br/> 

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