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Get and set the wallpaper of the mobile phone in Android

Package COM. easyWay. android. ui; import Java. io. ioexception; import android. app. activity; import android. app. wallpapermanager; import android. graphics. color; import android. graphics. porterduff; import android. graphics

Samsung I939i Mobile Phone set lock screen wallpaper/wallpaper method diagram

The following is an example of "multiple wallpaper", which describes how to do this: 1. As shown in the S5 example, here is the standby state we click on "Application" (this is a little different from previous versions of Android phones). 2. After opening the interface, we can find the "set" option. 3. Select "Set"-> "Wallpaper" button c

Hammer Phone T1 lock screen wallpaper How to set? T1 Wallpaper Setup Method

1 in the Mobile phone we click "Settings" you will see there is a "wallpaper and icons" (this is not the same as other Android phones) we click on it to enter. 2) Then we click on "Wallpaper and icons" here after find "lock screen wallpaper" and then enter the picture to

How does Android solve the problem of changing the default wallpaper to a wallpaper other than ImageWallpaper, resulting in a crash in a specific operation.

Modify the default_wallpaper_component attribute in the config. xml file so that other wallpaper applications are used by default when the system is started for the first time. After the device is started, choose Settings> Applications> All> Find the apk of the default wallpaper when the device is started for the first time. Click Go to stop and choose disable. This will cause the device to crash. How to mo

Android principle Secret Series One of the dynamic wallpaper

going to invoke the OpenGL interface, the app you're developing should be able to run on the real machine, and you have to support the page, which is OpenGL. If you find that some manufacturers of mobile phone desktop does not load the portal of dynamic wallpaper, then needless to say, that must be the phone does not support the andoid, this point for the purcha

My Android advanced tour ------ & gt; Android uses the AlarmManager global timer to implement regular wallpaper replacement, androidalarmmanager

My Android advanced tour ------> Android uses AlarmManager global timer to implement regular wallpaper replacement, androidalarmmanager The DEMO periodically calls ChangeService through AlarmManager, so that the system can change the wallpaper at regular intervals. Android.

Cool Mobile phone lock screen Wallpaper extract

A few years ago from the internet bought a cool mobile phone (Coolpad 5890) to do the backup machine, the girlfriend saw, like on the phone's lock screen wallpaper (really pretty good), I want to find her, as a university played Android phone it male, this is a perfect performance opportunity. This is the lock screen i

Dynamic wallpaper for Android principles

Livewallpaper, a dynamic wallpaper, is a 3D feature of Android. Users can choose to attach dynamic wallpaper on the desktop to rotate the desktop background of their mobile phones. Compared with static desktop wallpapers, dynamic wallpapers can display a variety of dynamic backgrounds. Unlike traditional mobile phone s

Dynamic Wallpaper Example of Android programming _android

This example describes the dynamic wallpaper of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Since the Android 2.1 version introduced the concept of dynamic wallpaper, people familiar with Android will not be unfamiliar. Here explains how

Settings for Android Wallpaper

This is a universal look at the era of face, mobile phones are the same. Beautiful app to add a lot of color to the mobile phone, then hurry to your girlfriend dress up.From setting up static wallpapers, to live wallpapers, to lock screen wallpapers, to themes, it's not that simple.1. Set Static wallpaperMainactivity.javapublic class Mainactivity extends Activity {@Overrideprotected void onCreate (Bundle sa

Download Rubik's Cube live wallpaper android source code and android source code

Download Rubik's Cube live wallpaper android source code and android source code Code: Because it is running on a virtual machine, you can directly take the photo album if you have no photos to choose to run on your mobile phone. I would like to share with you some help if you think you can ~ {: Soso_e113 :} Game so

Rubik's Cube Live wallpaper android source download

Code: Because it is run on the virtual machine, so no photos can choose to run on the phone, can directly take photo albums. I'd like to share with you what you think you can do to help the next ~{:soso_e113:}Game source project Download: this.width=650; "id=" aimg_635 "src=" 124749ksnf0rnv0ffvhnda.jpg "class="

Rubik's Cube Live wallpaper android source download

Code:Because it is run on the virtual machine, so no photos can choose to run on the phone, can directly take photo albums. I'd like to share with you what you think you can do to help the next ~{:soso_e113:}Game source project Download:'s Cube Live wallpaper android source download

Let's do the most beautiful Android interface together!

insured in the old phone to test, as for the browser, or use IE6 better. The most popular font on Android is the Droid Sans, which is free to download , and now Roboto is becoming more popular on new devices, with a lot of impact.Figure: Droid Sans vs. RobotoCatalog sizeIn Android xhdpi (2x), the pixel minimum is body 28px, menu and Page top 96px, footer 116px,

Android New Clothes: Check Material Design's top ten beautiful details

energetic and has been improved on icons and functional interfaces, for example, the virtual buttons at the bottom of the mobile phone become triangle, circle, and square lines. Next let's take a look at the ten beautiful details of the Android Material Design in BI inventory. 1. Highlighted in purple, with bold lines to highlight important information, such as

Android activity jump animation makes your APP instantly beautiful, androidactivityapp

Android activity jump animation makes your APP instantly beautiful, androidactivityapp We all know that beautiful apps will always give users a fresh feeling. In order to seize the user's larger network companies to make their products more beautiful, the most simple effect is the Activity jump effect, it not only make

Android (Android) mobile phone development environment build Helloword

Because I made an Android wallpaper site, so we suddenly thought of the Android phone development, and here's a look at my Android environment configuration article. This contact with the environment, everything is very strange, spent an afternoon, took a lot of detours, bu

WindowsPhone and Android phone comparison evaluation Experience

the application for the original measurement, WP patch form of the interface more intuitive, and easy to operate. Although the structure is fixed, it has a custom feature in the areas of wallpaper, theme matching, and placement adjustment. Moreover, not only the software can ping directly to the main interface, part of the software can be, such as QQ can be a friend to the main interface, which is also a kind of innovation. In the final analysis, th

Android phone 20 ways to save electricity

features. 11, close the window animation effect, although these animation effect looks very cool, but actually also very consumes electricity, if you do not care about the handset display effect, may pass "the setting---> The sound and the display setting---> Animation--> no Animation", closes the window animation effect. 12, do not use live wallpaper dynamic wallpaper, dynamic

Android development Note (Android mobile phone concept)

This article is from the android bus Development Network New concepts of Android phonesOperating System Selection-customization and long tail# Refactoring�� MVC and Web APP ArchitectureAndroid development backgroundThe development of computing and wireless access technologies enables embedded systems to support conventional desktop services.Google's long-standing mobile development strategy: by partnering w

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