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Antivirus software is almost every computer must be products, with the increasing computer technology, almost every person who uses computers have encountered computer viruses, so antivirus software is also less than necessary. However, the virus and anti-virus software to understand many people still have a misunderstanding. Although anti-virus software can help the computer to intercept most viruses and kill, but it is not omnipotent, after all, antivirus software is clever, there are always loopholes, and hackers will always find loopholes to avoid antivirus software loopholes to attack the computer. So clear understanding of antivirus software is necessary, only to recognize the anti-virus software, will not fall into the wrong anti-virus software.

Here are a few points to pay attention to the misunderstanding, hoping to help everyone.

Myth One: Good anti-virus software can kill all the virus

As far as we know, antivirus software is always a step slower than the virus. This is because the virus is based on antivirus software vulnerabilities to attack the computer, then it is necessary to build on the basis of anti-virus software, to kill software manufacturers to stop the virus, it is necessary to intercept the virus, and analyze it, and then to repair the vulnerability or increase the killing of soft virus library, to kill. Therefore, many people think that antivirus software is omnipotent, this is not true.

Although, at present many anti-virus software manufacturers are constantly trying to kill unknown virus, some manufacturers even claimed to be able to 100% killed unknown virus. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prove it by experts. Antivirus software vendors can only find as many unknown viruses as possible, but they are still far below the 100% standard.

Even, as for some known viruses, such as covered viruses. Because the virus itself will overwrite the original system files. Therefore, even if the anti-virus software will kill the virus can not restore the normal operation of the operating system.

Misunderstanding two: My machine has no important data, virus reload system, no anti-virus software

Many computer users, especially some online gamers, think they have no important files on their computers. Computer virus infection, direct format reinstall the operating system is all right, do not install antivirus software. This view is not correct.

A few years ago, virus writers wrote viruses primarily to find fun or prove themselves. These viruses often use superb writing techniques, with obvious seizure characteristics (such as a certain day of the month attack, delete all files, etc.).

However, the virus has changed dramatically in recent years, with the aim of obtaining economic benefits for virus writers. The virus has no obvious characteristics and does not delete data on the user's computer. However, they will quietly run in the background, steal the game player's account information, QQ password and even the bank card account. Because these viruses can directly bring economic losses to users. For individual users, it is much more harmful than traditional viruses.

For this kind of virus, often discovers the virus, the user's account information has already been embezzled. Even if the computer was formatted to reinstall the system, the stolen account could not be returned.

Misunderstanding three: Antivirus software often change, the Internet pass which is good to change which

This is actually unscientific, because every time you install antivirus software, you need to download the virus to kill software vendors, each manufacturer's virus library is also different, download the anti-virus software, anti-virus rules also have a certain difference, the download of the virus library, will occupy to their own hard disk space, although the file is not very large, But after a lot of natural is a Big Mac, and, the same virus, anti-virus software sometimes will think it is a virus and the wrong kill, will make some non-virus files were mistakenly deleted, then Horo. So, killing soft can not use much. In fact, many times the virus is due to their own habits of use, as long as they have a good habit of use, I believe it will not be so vulnerable to the virus invasion.

Misunderstanding four: Antivirus software is specifically to kill the virus, Trojan horse is specifically killed the Trojan

Computer viruses are clearly defined in the People's Republic of China regulations for the safety and protection of computerized information systems, which refers to a set of computer instructions or program codes that are "programmed or inserted in a computer program that destroys or destroys a computer, and that affects the use of the computer and can replicate itself." With the development of information security technology, the definition of virus has been enlarged.

With the development of technology, the definition of computer virus has been generalized, which includes: Boot area virus, file virus, macro virus, worm, Trojan Horse, backdoor, malicious script, malicious program, keyboard recorder, hacker tool and so on.

Can be seen Trojan is a subset of the virus, anti-virus software can completely kill it. From the antivirus point of view, the removal of Trojans and remove the worm is not the difference between the preparation, even killing Trojans than clear file-type virus is simpler. Therefore, it is not necessary to install Trojan killing software alone.

Misunderstanding five: the more anti-virus software

Simultaneously uses several anti-virus software, causes the system conflict, causes the use inconvenience. There are a number of users of this concept, many users have installed more than one anti-virus software on the computer. However, their computers often have a crash, blue screen and other inexplicable problems. This is actually the result of the conflict caused by anti-virus software.

If you have to open multiple anti-virus software simultaneously on the same computer, real-time monitoring can cause conflicts. Norton and Kaspersky, for example, have reported other anti-virus software as a virus, causing inconvenience in use.

Although anti-virus software developers are different, claiming that the technology is different, but their implementation may be similar or the same. At the same time to open multiple anti-virus software real-time monitoring program is likely to produce conflicts, such as multiple virus firewalls at the same time scramble for a file for scanning. The computer that installs a variety of anti-virus software often runs slowly and is very unstable, therefore, we do not recommend the general user installs many anti-virus software, even if must install simultaneously, also do not open their real-time monitor program (virus firewall) simultaneously.

Myth Six: I used to use this to kill the soft, do not want to change its

Always attached to the computer in this anti-virus software, even if it has infected with the virus.

Many new viruses appear, anti-virus software is caught off guard, will be automatically shut down or infected with the virus, has lost its role. If also stubbornly use virus-killing software to antivirus, there is no effect. You know, most anti-virus software using feature scanning method to check the virus, once the computer inside the virus code library outside the virus (not necessarily new), then anti-virus software will not turn a blind eye, indifferent.

Myth Seven: I installed anti-virus software, nothing to be afraid of

Think of the anti-virus software installed can be free to view bad Web pages, or download dangerous software and plug-ins.

Antivirus software is not omnipotent, it is always in a passive defensive state, and need to constantly upgrade to keep pace with the virus update. And now a lot of new viruses and trojans embedded in a number of malicious Web pages, the idea of anti-virus software to open some suspicious address is still very dangerous, because you do not know the extent of your anti-virus software capabilities.

Must always be vigilant, as far as possible to avoid "from the wicked", and timely installation of system patches, after all, killing soft and can not fundamentally repair the system loopholes.

Even if the anti-virus software installed, but also a high alert, do not go to some sites, do not read the unknown origin of the mail.

Myth Eight: Fast virus-checking anti-virus software is good

Many people think that the virus fast anti-virus software is good. Even a lot of media for anti-virus software evaluation when the killing speed as one of the important indicators. Undeniably, the current anti-virus software manufacturers are constantly working to improve anti-virus software engine to achieve higher killing speed. But it is one-sided to evaluate the anti-virus software only by the speed of virus-checking.

The speed of anti-virus software is mainly related to engine and virus characteristic database. For example, an antivirus software can kill 100,000 viruses, another anti-virus software can only kill 100 viruses. Antivirus software to check the virus needs to match each record, so killing 100 viruses antivirus software to check the poison speed will certainly be faster.

A good anti-virus software engine needs to analyze files, shell and even virtual execution, these operations will take a certain amount of time. And some anti-virus software engine is relatively simple, the file does not do too much analysis, only for feature matching. The anti-virus software is also very fast, but it is likely to leak more viruses.

Thus, although the increase in anti-virus speed is the goal of various manufacturers to strive for, but only from the speed of drug search to measure the quality of anti-virus software is not scientific.

Myth Nine: According to the memory footprint in Task Manager to determine the resource consumption of antivirus software

A lot of people, including some media for anti-virus software evaluation, using Windows with the Task Manager to view the memory consumption of antivirus software, and then judge an anti-virus software resources occupy situation, this is debatable.

Different anti-virus software functions are not the same, more functional memory footprint will certainly be more, but provides a more comprehensive security protection.

At the same time, there is a small number of anti-virus software manufacturers in order to deal with the evaluation, deliberately in the program to limit the size of the anti-virus software can occupy the amount of memory, so that these values look very small, generally in the 100KB or even dozens of KB or so. In fact, although the memory footprint is small, but antivirus software to frequent hard disk read and write, but to reduce the operating efficiency of the software.

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