ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook Reload Win7 Drive problem resolution

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Previously in other notebooks with USB Stick clone installation WinXP system is very smooth, a variety of hardware drivers can be automatically identified and installed.

There is an ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook on hand, the original win8.1, used to install a Win7 flagship version.

As usual to the system of the home under the Win7 of the ultimate version of the clone file, put to the USB stick boot, the original boot partition, backup partition, hidden partition, such as GUID partition deleted, rebuilt 2 MBR partition, clone to C disk.

As a result, a lot of hardware is not recognized, including wired and wireless cards, USB mouse and USB flash drive, after the reboot is loaded.

to ASUS website to download Win7 driver, unexpectedly only Win8 and Win10, Win7 driver did not!

Have to download the full version of the driver's home, there are more than 1 G, installed. Network card through, and network updated a bunch of drivers, the results of the U disk is still not recognized, the others are OK.

The internet looked up a lot of information, found that there is no BIOS settings will cause USB is not normal. Then reboot into BIOS, do the following settings, Dead Horse when live horse medicine:

1, change the USB setting launch CSM from "Enabled" to "Auto",

2. Change "Legacy USB support" from "Enabled" to "Auto" in USB configuration

Boot into the Win7 system, the incredible thing happened, USB mouse and U disk are all normal!


ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook Reload Win7 Drive problem resolution

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