Bitcoin Development Knowledge 2 (what is Bitcoin mining)

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Bitcoin development knowledge, Bitcoin and digital currency depend on the presence of peer networks, and Bitcoin and digital currencies can only be generated from specific algorithms. If you want to get bitcoins and digital currencies, you can also make bitcoins out of thin air in addition to trading-the computational process is called "digging." Later you hear someone say, I was digging mine, do not think that people just squat coal pit every day, that person is likely to have a bunch of ultra-high configuration of computers, their own writing pool local tyrants.
You think he's digging for coal, but somebody else's family might have this bitcoin has a multi-platform-enabled client that was first dug through Intel and AMD's CPUs, but later people switched to devices like GPUs and FPGAs to dig, because the speed was so much faster. A card is the best mining equipment, especially the 5 Series a card, because the use of 5D architecture, so compared with the positioning of n cards, a top five pieces, than the use of 4D Architecture 6 Series, 7 Series A card faster. Since I used a card, my mother never had to worry that I could not dig mine.
A-card is particularly suitable for mining by running Bitcoin and digital currency algorithms, the computer generates a specific number and can get 25 bitcoins. The bitcoin algorithm determines that the unit operation time can only generate a fixed number of bitcoins, the current speed of 10 minutes to generate 25 Bitcoin. This speed has nothing to do with the total performance of the machines involved in bitcoin operations, but the more powerful machines in the Bitcoin network can dig into more mines-the new Bitcoin is the point, and whoever has the better machine performance can grab more. Want to get bitcoins quickly and continuously.  Move IBM's supercomputer over to mine. Note that in order for Bitcoin to produce roughly uniform speed, the difficulty of generating new Bitcoins is automatically adjusted periodically-this adjustment is also determined by the bitcoin algorithm. If the speed at which Bitcoin is generated accelerates, it increases the difficulty of mining and reduces the difficulty if the Bitcoin generation slows down. Based on the bitcoin algorithm, once no one has mined, Bitcoin transactions will not be processed, and Bitcoin's economy will cease.
Bitcoin can be split. As an electronic currency, segmentation is simply too easy. 10 Yuan of paper money can be converted to 10 1 yuan, 1 yuan can be replaced 10 1 angle, but you can't find 1 cents, you can not tear 1 points into 10 pieces. Subject to the real currency, even if the electronic bank is popular, the number in your account will not appear as many decimal places. Bitcoin in the current data structure, the smallest unit is 0.00000001 Bitcoin, that is, "1 Cong", on top of the micro-bit (0.000001 bitcoin), milli-bit (0.001 bitcoin) and bit (0.01 bitcoin) three units. Bitcoin can also consider smaller partition units if necessary in the future. The money can be divided into small pieces which means that the circulation is easier and there is no worry that the currency is too little enough to circulate.

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