Bitcoin Mining-first entry mining

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Recently saw a way to tap Bitcoin, to share with you ~

Tool Preparation:

Cryptotab Browser Download:


1. Download browser: (Browser download interface):

2. Open the browser after installation: (Below is I open a small will dig to the bitcoin, probably every 2-3 minutes will refresh the mining situation):

3. Adjust the mining speed (when the browser has a window activity can increase the digging speed, off is off, pull to the right can be adjusted):

4. Extract the extracted bitcoins to the wallet, can be exchanged for RMB on the bitcoin exchange (browser mining requires at least 0.00001 digging to be made):

Bitcoin transaction site:

(There is a sell and buy information, the current one Bitcoin sell 40,005 to 40,007 yuan, will be changed at any time)

5. Can earn small fees, but also can deepen our understanding of Bitcoin, sharing after the more people digging together, you can harvest more mining coins:

Bitcoin Mining-first entry mining

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