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Afternoon has time, stroll the bookstore, saw some books. Summarize some of your feelings here.   I, "the Dragon and the underground Railway"    This book is the first I see, in the front of the new book area. is a novel, I did not look inside the content, but by the book cover propaganda copy to laugh----Tired old Dragon complained that, over the Longmen more than 10 years, now, every day still want to take the subway.   Obviously, it's a satirical novel. Changan City, Big Tang Tianzi, Longmen, Medievaldragon, take the subway, decent work ... A decent job didn't get it, and the old dragon was exhausted.   Second, "China's beautiful Story"   title may be this. The name is inconspicuous, even a bit vulgar, is for children to read the story book, the story is collected from the folk.   It's fascinating to see the story in conjunction with the illustrations in the book.  1. Xun Jiawa    Bear disguised as mother-in-law appearance, came to mother out of the sister home.   Children so naïve, did not find flaws, incredibly and bear sleep together at night!   "Xun Jiawa had to give her a finger. Sister A touch, frightened, said: ' Home, I want to go to the last latrine. "I am also afraid to read here," a finger "so explicit description, so that people have a sense of generational.  2. JuJube core   JuJube nucleus is a child's name, really has the date nucleus so big.    Villager livestock are confiscated by the official, JuJube nuclear play their advantages, find ways to get the donkey back to the villagers.   can see the illustrations of this book style is very simple grounding gas, with local characteristics, color is heavier. The    jujube core swings on the beard of the magistrate.  3. Cowherd and Weaver    in fact, the text of this book is well organized. The story is very familiar, but when you read it, you will have a special feeling.   Stuffy Old ox by the cowherd for many years careful care, moved to fall tears and speak. When you die, warn the cowboy to peel off his skin, remove the horn, they contain power, will bring you help later.   Your seriousness and perseverance are rewarded.  4. Wooden birds    Brothers friendship bring people back to the dead, in order to love, but also to create a wooden bird.    to find you, my songs you can Hear, lovers will be reunited!   5. Who is the most capable of    people's ability to the greatest, fire let animals are afraid, monkeys were burned red buttocks and face.   People should also reflect on their own positioning and significance.  6. Highlight catch water    Long Wan angry, put water into the basket, pushing the car toward the Yuquan mountain.   Look, description of how playful.   "Bookworm series" &Nbsp;  This is a series of books published by the Institute of "Bookworm", the "Pride and Prejudice" that I read in college, is the bibliography of this series of high school. Very good reading, by the way can learn English.   Iv. "How to create thinking"   The author of the book, Kurzweil, is very intelligent, dedicated to the research of artificial intelligence, is also a prophet. Reading this book, it is Burning brain.    like Liu Cixin said, his imagination is amazing. What is valuable is that his predictions of artificial intelligence are based on rigorous speculation.   2029 years, the non-biological sense of the people will appear in this year.   Wu, "Wall E    People say that the future of the world, is the entertainment-led lifestyle. At that time, Disney would only be more popular than it is now.   ", Wally" is a very good-looking film, there is a reflection on the human world, reflect on human harm to themselves, as well as harm to the lives of the homeland.   Six. "New story"    This is Mr. Lu Xun, to the ancient Chinese mythology story of the re-romance. Before I saw the "Nu wa tian" the same story, but a stylistic narrative, can bring a different feeling.   Seven. 40 Readme    This book is the readme of Mr. Hu Shi.    Mr. Hu Shi's youth time, the naked writing, is hoping "to open the literature."    because it feels that China lacks the most biographical literature.   (end)   

[Book]wall E, Dragon and underground iron, China's beautiful story, new story, 40 readme, Bookworm, artificial intelligence, big talk data structure

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