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Pre-condition of brush machine

Mobile phone power is sufficient, suggest more than 50% electricity surplus. Ensure that the memory card or phone external SD card has at least 400M of excess capacity (depending on the ROM size). The phone must be in root state, if there is no root, please root (how root?).

Brush Machine method

Mobile phone Connection Brush Machine Master

Download Brush machine After the installation of the master, open the mobile phone USB debugging mode (how to turn on debugging?), connect to brush machine master will automatically install mobile phone-side drive, so that the phone to maintain a normal boot state.

For root, click on "More Tools" and select "Master root" for Samsung i9300 one key root.

Data backup

Rom Download: We brush the master to provide two kinds of download methods, you can download the ROM in the master brush, you can also go directly to the ROM base download.

1, Brush machine master Download rom

Open Brush Machine master ROM base, and then on the left click Cooperation Zone, you can see the Hammer Rom icon, click in to find Samsung I9300, click the "click to Download" button, you can download.

2, rom base download rom

Enter ROM base page (click to enter). Into the team project, we can see that there are a lot of third party ROM teams, click on the hammer ROM, you can see the hammer ROM supported models, if the brush master support your mobile phone a key brush machine, there will be a green "high speed download button, if not supported, it is a green" normal download button. Click to download the ROM of your phone.

One-button brush machine: Ready ROM, we can start a key brush machine. Click "Browse" to select the ROM just downloaded, don't forget to follow the prompts to back up good contacts, text messages and Applications Oh.

After entering the "one-button brush machine" mode, our wonderful journey begins. Brush machine in the process of brush machine master will be on the phone and brush machine bag for inspection, the next equipment into the automatic brush mode, about 5-15 minutes, you can complete the Samsung i9300 one-button brush machine! Please be patient.

Wait a few minutes, and the machine will be finished automatically! Congratulations on the success of the brush machine, you should try it quickly

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