Brush Machine Master v3.3.8 added dozens of model one-button brush machine and root

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Brush Machine Master Update v3.3.8 version! Horse first update did not let the vast number of friends disappointed, in this version, the master of the brush for the MTK6592 platform for the mobile phone adaptation, add cool to the great God F1, Billion Tong I6, Yi Tong T890, cool send 8122 and other dozens of models of one-button brush machine, add Huawei Glory 3X, Newman K2s and so on eight nuclear cell phone one key root, simultaneously fixes the known bug, promotes the stability.

It turns out that the more popular smartphones have more ROM. And more domestic small brands of mobile phones, the major operators of the customized mobile phones, many times can hardly find a brush machine ROM. In this big situation, after the new revision of the ROM base will be able to meet your needs, Brush machine Master of the ROM base after a new revision with the large ROM team, included tens of thousands of fine ROM, after the editing of the shelves, users just connect the phone, Brush machine master will automatically detect your phone model, Simply go to the ROM base to pick the quality ROM that belongs to your model. In addition, there are fine ROM evaluation and graphics and text brush machine, root tutorial, very suitable for beginners small white learning.

v3.3.7 official website Edition update content

1 to increase the fitness of the great God F1, Billion Tong I6, billion Tong T890, cool Pie 8122, such as dozens of model one-button brush machine;

2 Fit MTK6592 Platform of one key root support (such as Huawei Glory 3X, Newman K2s, such as eight nuclear mobile phones);

3 fix known bugs and promote stability.

2014, the master of the brush machine, Tencent million investment will be more efforts to focus on the vast number of Android users to provide a simple, safe, fast and efficient one-button brush machine root service. For more Android mobile users to provide a fast one-button brush machine services, gathering thousands of ROM, enjoy a key brush machine.

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