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With the national day approaching, the National Day train ticket pre-sale also began, the major manufacturers continue to launch grab tickets software, grab the vote in the fiery upgrade, recently, Cheetah Browser launched the National Day Grab ticket Special edition, exclusive to provide "Rob Crossing station tickets", "speed of light grab tickets" and many other ticket-grabbing function, the success rate of the ticket to increase 10 times times, Mother is no longer worried that our country will not come home.

National Day home to meet problems, the national day cannot get the ticket reason:

September is not more than half of the national day grab ticket has been ahead of time, although the domestic variety of browsers have played a "one-stop Ticket", "Rob votes less than the ticket" and other gimmicks to attract users, but according to user feedback, the National Day train ticket is still difficult to buy. Industry insiders said that the National Day Railway ticket is difficult to find the real reason is 12306 of the implementation of the interval policy.

The so-called interval restrictions, that is, the railway system in such as Spring Festival, National Day and other transport peak period, on the grounds of "giving priority to long-distance passenger travel", the ticket restrictions policy for passengers going to crossing points, such as City A (starting station)-City B (terminal), City C is the crossing station between AB, and the passengers going to station C are most likely to be The influence of "interval restricted selling" and one vote is hard to find.

This is why a lot of visitors to the time to 12306 brush tickets, but always find the destination city ticket instant "sell light". The fact is that these sites do not have a ticket or a very small number of tickets because of the "restricted zone".

In response to this problem, Cheetah Browser will be in this year's National Day exclusive "Rob Crossing Station Ticket" function, to help users break through the "interval restricted" manufacturing travel barriers.

When the passenger to go to the destination station under the "Interval restricted" influence, Cheetah browser in addition to help users automatically rob destination tickets, but also intelligent recommended adjacent station of the remaining tickets, so that passengers can spend the least time travel.

It is worth mentioning that users can not only use the browser to grab tickets on the PC, but also download Cheetah browser mobile version, anytime, anywhere close to grab tickets. In addition to the same as the PC version with "Rob Crossing station Tickets", "queue-jumping ticket system" and other functions, cheetah Browser Mobile version can also locate the nearest consignment point to facilitate the user line to take tickets.

At the beginning of the September, the National Day grab ticket war has been launched in advance, several browsers have played a "one-stop Ticket" "robbery ticket than the ticket" and other gimmicks to attract users, but according to user feedback, the National Day train ticket is still difficult to buy. Industry insiders said that the National Day Railway ticket is difficult to find the real reason is 12306 of the implementation of the interval policy.

Do you think it is always time to brush the ticket, but found that you want to go to the city ticket instantly show "no ticket"? In fact, this is not really a ticket sold in a flash, but 12306 to "prioritize the protection of long-distance passenger travel" as the reason for the crossing station on a train to implement the policy of restricted tickets. That means you have to go to the city ticket, there is no or very little ticket.

  Here's a plain example:

Xiao Wang works in Beijing, his hometown is Gansu Tianshui, ready to buy the September 1 train ticket from Beijing. However, on the 12306 website, Beijing to Tianshui K629 train, all seats show no ticket. Because Tin Shui is a crossing point, it has been affected by the policy of "interval restricted selling":

Enquiries from Beijing to Tianshui, September 1 K629 show no tickets

But Xiao Wang did not know that the reason is tianshui on this line for the interval restricted station, so it is very difficult to get tickets, and the same date with the train in Beijing to Lanzhou ticket has many tickets (even if some users know, using 12306 system, when you want to choose to return to the city again to brush the ticket, may have missed the opportunity):

Enquiries from Beijing to Lanzhou, September 1, the same trip to K629 miraculously showed a ticket

There are plenty of cases where you can't buy train tickets because of the restrictions, and if you can't change the policy in the short term, is there any other way to get the train tickets? The Cheetah Browser gives a positive answer.

As the highest success rate of the domestic grab ticket software, Cheetah browser in this year's National Day exclusive launch of "Rob Crossing Station Ticket" function, to help users solve the problem of travel restrictions brought by the interval.

First for you to introduce Cheetah Browser National Day Grab Ticket Edition features:

  Feature one: computer phones can rob the road on the road is not lonely

Because some of the stations to put the ticket time is more in the commute or work class, so, through the mobile phone and anywhere to grab train tickets more and more become people's choice.

For the national day grab tickets, Cheetah Browser launched with the PC version has the same powerful function of the mobile phone leopard grab ticket, and opened the pre-sale reminder function, to ensure that the golden ticket time is not missed. At the same time, by positioning, the user is still looking at the nearest train ticket outlets to facilitate the nearest ticket.

Cheetah Browser This time also will be hot social elements into the system, launched the "Same traveller chat room" function, for the long journey has added a lot of fun.

Photo: Android and iOS can be used to grab tickets from the Cheetah browser

  Feature two: The "Rob Crossing station ticket" to ensure the scheduled trip

In order to control the peak period of railway load, the national day grab ticket after the peak began, 12306 of the domestic train lines will be implemented in the interval restricted, to the railway crossing station users will face a lot of inconvenience. The Cheetah browser's exclusive "Ticket to the crossing station" effectively solves the problem.

When the user selected destination station for the crossing station restricted by the interval, in addition to help users brush to the station ticket, Cheetah Browser will automatically show the adjacent station's remaining tickets, and according to the cost of intelligent sorting, users can choose according to their own situation. This ensures that the user can guarantee a smooth travel at the lowest cost.

Photo: From Beijing to Tianshui, in the absence of tickets to the Tin Shui Station, the system automatically recommended as near the station more than the ticket

  Feature three: speed of light grab ticket success rate increased more than 10 times times

12306 of the site's snail speed has been criticized by travellers. Cheetah Browser National Day Grab ticket Special edition through the built-in Acceleration code ticket to replace 12306 pages, users can quickly enter the page to buy tickets to grab tickets, no waiting.

In addition, the cheetah will automatically choose the fastest ticket to the server, to ensure that when the ticket does not panic, the success rate of the ticket will be raised more than 10 times times.

Photo: The speed of light grab ticket system, the first time to grab tickets

Then bring the Cheetah Browser National Day grab ticket Raiders:

1, with Cheetah Browser (if you have not yet downloaded, please poke this URL into its official web site to select the ticket page, according to the page prompts to install a good cheetah after the ticket plug-in, you can see the following ticket page:

Cheetah Browser Grab Ticket Plugin login interface

2, at this time you can choose to login to your 12306 account, according to the Cheetah browser to provide different screening items, you can quickly choose the type of ticket you need, such as long-distance car choose hard sleeper or soft sleeper, the train can choose one or more freely:

Filter display without tickets based on user requirements

3, click on the query after the figure shown, the user selected September 13 K629 Beijing-Tianshui train has no tickets, at this time, click the system automatically displayed portals, the system will automatically brush the ticket:

The system automatically brushes out the tin Shui nearby station Lanzhou may purchase the ticket

4, the system automatically brush the ticket after two times, if there is no more than brush out the ticket, at this time the system will automatically show near the list of train tickets to meet your requirements of the ticket.

From the above picture can see, Beijing-Lanzhou with the train, soft sleeper all have tickets, at this point you can click on the seats you need to buy. If there are more than one train can be selected, the system will be based on the cost of automatic sorting, you can choose to increase the minimum number of options to buy tickets, after the general process under the single payment can be completed to grab tickets.

Payment can be made immediately upon successful booking

  Do not use the Cheetah grab ticket version

1, passengers do not know the existence of restricted zone, never brush the ticket you want

2, the passenger manually requery adjacent stations, but missed the best opportunity to seize the ticket

Results: Passengers had to change their travel plans or not to travel smoothly.

  Using Cheetahs to grab tickets

1, many times to refresh the target station without tickets, automatic synchronous brush near the station more than the ticket

2, if the adjacent station has more than tickets, users can purchase a single key, do not miss the opportunity to seize the ticket

Results: Passengers achieve travel plan with minimum cost

In addition, the Cheetah Browser National Day grab ticket version of other features, also can help you to improve the success rate of ticket, such as in the top left of the various types of car ticket time points, the alternative date can give you to select multiple date tickets together, as well as micro-letter pre-sale reminder function, as long as the scan attention Leopard Browser official micro-letter, reply to the specified code , you can pay attention to the information you want to buy the ticket anytime and anywhere.

And worry about the trip boring visitors may wish to try the page right below the "same way chat room" function, perhaps single men and women have unexpected harvest Oh!

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