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At present, a variety of browser varieties, many friends will choose multiple browser trial, in exchange for, their own favorites Ah bookmark the custom set what should be flexible move? Today we'll take a look at how the Chrome browser is easy to bookmark and set with other browsers.

If this is the first time you have downloaded a Chrome browser from Google's official website, you will automatically import your personal data (such as browsing history and home page) from your default browser into your Chrome browser. If you need to import other settings, such as bookmarks, search engines, and saved passwords, or other browser settings, see the following action.

Import bookmarks and settings from other browsers into Chrome browser

Click the "Wrench-options-profile" button in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser to click the "Import data from other browsers" section of the "Browsing data" tab.

Or click the "Wrench-bookmark-Import Bookmark and Settings" in the upper-right corner of the Chrome browser.

The effects of the two sets of actions are the same, and the "Import Bookmarks and Settings" dialog box opens. Here we can select the source (ie Browser/google toolbar), and check the options that need to be imported (browsing history, Favorites/bookmarks, saved passwords, search engines), and then click "Import" on it.


Chrome Browser "Import bookmarks and Settings"


If the bookmarks bar in the Chrome browser does not contain any bookmarks, the imported bookmarks appear directly in the Bookmarks bar. Click on "Wrench-bookmark" To find these bookmarks as well. If the original bookmark bar already contains some bookmarks, the imported bookmark appears in a new folder named "Import from Firefox" or "Import from IE", which is located at the end of the bookmark bar.


Chrome browser bookmarks bar to the right display the imported IE Favorites Data

To be reminded, if you choose to import the source is "Google Toolbar", you need to log in to your Google account before importing.

Log on to your Google account before you can import Google toolbars

using the method described above does not allow the Chrome browser to import all of the browser's bookmark information, we need to use the. html file for this bridge.
First export the bookmark in the source browser to. HTML file, save well. Then click the Wrench icon on the toolbar of the Chrome browser, select Bookmark Manager, click "Organize Menu" in Organizer, and choose "Import Bookmark". Open the HTML file you just saved.

If the bookmark bar in the Chrome browser does not contain any bookmarks in itself, the imported bookmark appears directly in the Bookmarks bar. If you already have some other bookmarks in your bookmarks bar, the bookmark you just imported appears in a new folder at the end of the bookmark bar.

Open Bookmark Manager

in Chrome browser (HTML file)

is the same as the previous steps: Click on the wrench icon on the browser toolbar and choose Bookmark Management , click "Organize Menu" in Organizer, select "Export Bookmark", select target folder location, click "Save". The Chrome browser will export the bookmark as an HTML file. This allows us to easily import the chrome browsing bookmarks while using other browsers.

Export Chrome browser bookmarks to HTML files

with the introduction and import of chrome and other browser bookmarks and settings, we can easily move our internet browser to the easy way Choose your favorite browser to surf happily.

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