Cloud era: 5 free File Hosting services

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With the advent of the era of big data, file hosting, disk storage, and so on, these words have become increasingly popular. Some of the file storage of the service-oriented site, really make people love and hate. It is these sites, however, that make it easy for many people who want to store files or share but have no way to find them. They not only share data, but are also easier to deliver than e-mail. You might just download a file. Here are some of the great file hosting sites that make uploading and sharing a piece of cake.

Today, small series for everyone to find 5 free file hosting services, let's take a look!

File Savr --free file hosting makes it easier to combine file storage services with Web2.0 technology, Ajax, and Flash. It supports a maximum upload file of 10GB and does not restrict the type. Filesavr's interface is very simple, no annoying ads, and it does not hide the download link, even if no registered users can upload files. Once uploaded, the file will be permanently downloaded.

File dropper --free hosting of MP3 files, videos, documents

File dropper is a foreign free cloud storage network disk, the interface is very simple, easy to get started, you can quickly share files online. File dropper can upload files without registering, with a single file that supports up to 5GB, and the file supports permanent storage.

File Factory --free and Simple network hard drive

File Factory is a foreign network pan Yun Storage and sharing site, support 2G file storage and unlimited download services, can store music, text, PDF files, videos, pictures, etc., to provide ultra-large capacity, fast, stable connection, and easy to download.

Fileden --free file storage and online storage services

Fileden is a foreign site that provides free online hard disk storage, you can upload files up to 100MB size, support batch upload files. The monthly traffic is 5GB, the biggest feature is to support the image and file chain, the picture will not be compressed.

Fileqube --Free online storage

Fileqube is a network from the United States of hard disk storage space, its size is 2GB, no registration can be uploaded, a single file limit of 150MB, can upload pictures and videos and other files, pictures can be outside the chain, upload the time there is a progress bar, the speed is very good, Discover that its server is a New York computer room located in the U.S. independent Server service provider Alphared.

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Cloud era: 5 free File Hosting services

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