Coding norms and habits of software developers in the software development process

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During the software development process, software developers are bigger picture to write code.

The so-called bigger picture refers to the reusability of the code being written!

Do not name or use some style code in order to accomplish a task or function.

In HTML and CSS, some CSS naming may be used in some HTML, then pay attention to the reusability of code!

Then in which pages may be used, such as registration, login and so on, different users of the landing, see the style may not be the same, but some pages may reach the same style, Div named TR, TD in the use of the class may be used in multiple pages, and the name of the person at a glance to understand, On which pages to use, the role played. Wait a minute!

In Java, using association tables to query or insert data, using associations can easily find the data you want, or implement some functionality, but this can degrade performance and security, define a specification in Serviceapi, or a method that is called in other pages, not only to improve performance and security, It also enables future developers to be able to reuse code more clearly, maintaining the evidence of this development and reducing redundancy.

Understand the role that labels play and the role of naming a Div may play

Like the font in TD all on the right, then use FLAOT can be achieved, but to understand that TD tag definition is a table space, using float how to make the table move it?!! The best is to use Text-align:left,

Use Vertical-align:middle (top, bottom) in table tables, and you can adjust the upper and lower positions to be effective in the table!

Coding norms and habits of software developers in the software development process

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