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Pay attention to the maintenance of software

① and reasonable selection of software

Software is the best "food" of the computer, if there is not a variety of software, the computer is just a device.

But each software has many conflicts with each other, do not take the software to plug into the computer, also do not frequently installs and unloads each kind of software. Although the software is many, but from my experience to pay attention to enough, practical, more software, and not necessarily used, software installed less, also can not say that the computer does not play a role, in fact, many software to see. For example, word processing software WORD2000 and WPS2000, these two kinds of software in fact, as long as one is enough, a set of WPS2000 function enough to meet our day-to-day work needs, why install a huge WORD2000? And then, as a set of Super Jie Ba can be completed music playback, VCD playback, MP3 production, audio compression and other practical functions, why to install other multimedia software? Select Software we should stick to the principle of few few.

②, maintain the operating system in time

Operating system is the control and command of computer equipment and software resources of the system software, a safe, stable and complete operating system is very conducive to the stability of the system work and service life. If you do not pay attention to the operating system protection, then return you will be countless times the crash, the system running speed down, frequent software failures.

Maintenance of the operating system should be done in the following three steps:

(1), often on the system to check the virus, anti-virus. Use a clean system boot disk to restart the computer, with KV3000, KILL2000, pc-cillin2000, such as the latest anti-virus software anti-virus, at least two times a month to ensure that the computer in the clean environment without viruses to work for you. In particular, the use of unknown foreign disk, we must first check the poison once, install or use after the virus again, lest those hidden in the compression of the program or file viruses.

(2), the time to open the "Control Panel" to see "system" in the Device Manager, there is no yellow "!" Or a red "x" Device option. If this is found to indicate that there are conflicting hardware devices in the computer, over time, it is easy to make the system fail, should promptly delete the device, and then "New Hardware Detection" Reinstall the device driver or driver upgrade work, Dig deep, find out the cause of the problem to resolve the system's conflict problem.

(3) Regularly take advantage of Windows operating system "attachment → system tools → Disk Cleanup program" to clean, maintain and defragment the disk, and completely delete some invalid files, junk files and temporary files. This makes the disk space released in time, the larger the disk space, the more stable system performance, especially the C disk space is particularly important.

(4) Use "Norton" or other tool software to scan and clean windows, delete unnecessary dynamic link library DLL files in time, and clean the rubbish information in the registry files in time. Know that such an operation increases the security of the use of the software and the stability of the system, and this process is as important as the way we clean up our bodies. Virtually guarantee the stability of computer use and the extension of the system life.

System maintenance operation is best guaranteed two times a month, through the above steps of maintenance, I believe that your computer must work very stable and safe, you do not have to worry about the system has failed.

Pay attention to the maintenance of hardware

The maintenance of the hardware, there are many operators do not pay attention to, in fact, the maintenance of hardware is more important in the maintenance of software. Once the software fails, the last trick is to reload the operating system and all kinds of software. And if the hardware fails, it may not be so easy, perhaps you will hurt your distressed to pay for the money to change things. If you usually pay attention to the maintenance of the hardware, then the computer will be more time for us to work and service.

Maintain your computer's hardware in the following ways:

①, keep the computer room environment tidy, dry, clean. In particular, the workbench must be clean every often, timely erase dust and other stains. Computer tables do not stack other unrelated things, such as: Sharp device, Blunt, teacup, nutshell, etc., especially if the tea accidentally knocked on the table, will bring disaster. The timely elimination of these hidden dangers, to your computer security has brought protection. In the computer workshop should also prohibit smoking, smoke damage to the computer can not be underestimated.

②, the correct boot (the first peripheral power supply, the last Open host power), shutdown must let the system automatically shut down. Do not think that after using the computer, like the other electrical power off the switch can be cut off, so you have a big mistake, so shut down the computer damage is very serious, accumulated over the years will lead to the collapse of the system and hardware damage. After you use the computer, press "program → shut down the system", the screen appears "now safely shut down the system" after the word can be cut off power. When the machine does not need to cut off the power, in case of thunderstorms or power outages, voltage instability and so on, the impact on the computer can not be slighted.

③, when the computer in the use of accidental power outages or crashes and system abnormal exit, should be the hard drive to scan maintenance, timely repair files or hard disk cluster errors. In this case, some files or clusters of hard disk links will be lost, causing the system a potential danger, such as not timely scan repair, can cause some program disorder, and sometimes even affect the stable operation of the system.

④ and regularly open the chassis for maintenance. Cut off the power, the host and other peripherals to unplug, take apart the chassis, check whether there are abnormal traces of equipment inside, timely use a soft brush or cloth to erase the dust in the chassis (motherboard, video card, sound card, power fan, etc.). If you know a little bit about hardware, it's recommended that you plug in all your hardware.

⑤, the Power box to dust. The Power box is the most dusty parts, you should carefully open the power box, with hair dryer or vacuum cleaner and other equipment to carefully sweep the dust, clean and then the Power box.

⑥, frequent optical drive and floppy disk drive to dust.

⑦, clear the dust in the monitor and printer. In particular, do not easily open the display, you can use a clean soft cloth screen or vacuum cleaner light suction dust, should not scrub with a damp cloth.

⑧, clean the keyboard and mouse. Keyboard and mouse can be wet cloth or stained with a small amount of alcohol to clean, pay attention to cleaning must be dry before connecting with the host.

Through the above "erqu" maintenance and maintenance, computer software, hardware failures will be greatly reduced, so that the computer can be more stable for our "service."

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