Computer Maintenance Experience

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Computer Maintenance Experience

I. Slow computer system boot:
After a long time, the computer system will become slow and slow to respond. Because there are too many installed software, many software will be automatically started upon startup, and you do not know programs that do not need to be started.
Therefore, you do not dare to delete them randomly. There is a simple method. If your computer does not have anti-virus software installed, you can directly click & quot; Start & quot; → & quot; run & quot; → enter & quot; msconfig & quot;
→ There are many options. In the & quot; Start & quot; column, many programs are checked. → click "Disable all", and then & quot; ctfmon (input method) & quot; click OK.
In this way, only the input method program will be automatically started at startup, and other redundant programs will be started only when you use them. The system will not start automatically at startup, which will make the computer boot more and more effective.
II. The input method is missing:
If you are using Windows XP, the input method icon will be lost inexplicably, but there is no "Input Method" in the control panel, you can try the following methods:
Method 1: Right-click the taskbar, and a shortcut menu is displayed. Move the mouse over the toolbar. A submenu is displayed to check whether the language bar is selected.
If not selected, click "language bar" to display the input method icon.
Method 2: Click Start> Settings> Control Panel to open the control panel. In the control panel, click date, time, language, and Region settings, and click language and
Region Settings dialog box appears. Click the language tab and click details under text service and input language.
In the "word service and input language" dialog box, click the "advanced" tab and under "System Configuration", cancel the check mark before "Disable advanced text service" (see the comment below)
No. Select ""), click "OK", and the input method icon will return.
Method 3: Configure
Select, click OK, and then log out or restart. This is because ctfmon.exe controls alternative user input text processor
(TIP) and Microsoft Office language bar, supporting speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other user input technologies. If this program is not started
The input method icon is not displayed.
The last prompt is that there is no input method icon. You can use the shortcut key to operate the input method. CTRL + space (space key) is the switch between Chinese and English input methods; Press
Press Ctrl + shift to display the input methods installed by the system in sequence.
3. No icons on the desktop after startup:
First... right-click the blank area on the desktop. select the arrange icon. there is a & quot; display desktop icon & quot ;. tick him. 2nd methods. create a process in Task Manager
Assumer.exe ..
4. Speed improvement:
What tools are used on the Internet ~~~ Change the registry or something to improve the network speed !~ I personally think it is not very effective ~
The following describes my methods ~~ No online tools or computer group policies are required to increase the network speed ~
Choose Start> RUN> enter gpedit. msc> Computer Configuration> Management Module> Network
→ QoS packet scheduler
Double-click the limit on the right to retain the bandwidth
Point enabled ~ Set the bandwidth limit to 0% ~ Click OK.
5. Simple removal of system spam:
The following two steps are simple!
Right-click on the desktop, select create a new "Notepad", copy the following words, click "Save as", and set the file name to "clear system LJ. Bat,
Remember the suffix. bat, So OK! This is how your garbage cleaner is created! Double-click it to quickly clean up junk files, less than a minute.
PS. The words to be copied are as follows:
@ Echo off
ECHO is clearing the System junk file. Please wait ......
Del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \ *. tmp
Del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \ *. _ MP
Del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \ *. Log
Del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \ *. GID
Del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \ *. Chk
Del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \ *. Old
Del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \ recycled \*.*
Del/f/S/Q % WinDir % \ *. Bak
Del/f/S/Q % WinDir % \ prefetch \*.*
RD/S/Q % WINDIR % \ Temp & amp; MD % WINDIR % \ Temp
Del/f/Q % USERPROFILE % \ cookies \*.*
Del/f/Q % USERPROFILE % \ recent \*.*
Del/f/S/Q & quot; % USERPROFILE % \ Local Settings \ temporary internetfiles \ *. * & quot;
Del/f/S/Q & quot; % USERPROFILE % \ Local Settings \ temp \ *. * & quot;
Del/f/S/Q & quot; % USERPROFILE % \ recent \ *. * & quot;
Echo system LJ cleared!
Echo. & amp; pause
In the future, you only need to double-click the file to run it. When the screen prompts "clearing the system LJ is complete!
6. Reduce the number of rolling circles started by XP:
Click Start → run → Regedit (enter Registry Editor) to find:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ memorymanagement \ prefetchparameters,
There is an enableprefetcher that changes its value to "1 ". (Originally 3)
Then create (DWORD Value): change the value of enablesuperfetch to "1"
In addition, open the Device Manager, find the IDE controller, right-click the main channel and secondary channel, Set Properties and advanced settings, find "Automatic Detection", and change to "NONE ",
In this way, when the system does not detect hardware, the speed will be greatly accelerated.
7. Crack the Windows XP login password:
Without a login password, you cannot access the system. At first, you always choose to reinstall Windows XP. However, this method is cumbersome and time-consuming.
Finally, I found a way to crack the Windows XP login password without any other software:
However, there are two necessary prerequisites for cracking the logon password:
1. The partition for installing Windows XP must use the FAT32 file system;
2. the user name does not contain Chinese characters.
After confirming that the two conditions are met, you can perform the following steps to crack the logon password.
1. Start Windows XP at startup. When you run to the prompt page "Windows XP is being started", Press "F8" to bring up the system startup selection menu and select "safe mode with command line ".
2. After the operation is stopped, the "Administrator" and other user selection menus are listed (in this example, other users use xpuser01 as an example). Select "Administrator" and return
Enter the command line mode;
3. type the command "Net user xpuser01 1234/Add". This is the command to change the password of this user. "1234" in the command is the new password after the change.
This user does not exist (xpuser01.
4. You can also use the "net 1oca1group administratorxpuser01/Add" command to escalate xpuser01 to a Super User and have all permissions.
5. In the last step, restart the computer and enter the new password you just changed in the logon window to log on to the computer.
If you are worried about losing your login password, try this method.
8. software required for Automatic startup:
Choose "user configuration"> "management module"> "system"> "Log on"> "run" from the "run gpedit. msc" page, and double-click "enable" when the user logs on ".
Then open & quot; show & quot; and select Add... in the address bar, select the file with the name of the software you want to add to auto start upon startup. The file name is .exe.
9. How to hide a disk drive
Open gpedit. MSC in the running state and select user configuration> Windows Components> Windows Resource Manager> hide the specified drives in my PC & quot;
Double-click to open select Enabled and select the drive to hide below.
10. Hide desktop Projects
Open gpedit. MSC in the running state, choose "user configuration"> "management module"> "desktop"> "hide" and "Disable". Double-click "all projects on the desktop" and select "enable ".
11: Enable ADSL automatic dialing
Open the broadband connection → properties → get all the hooks → redial interval (1 point) → disconnect and redial → then drag the broadband connection to the startup Item .'
12: the browser cannot open the solution
When you open the browser, you will be prompted that & quot; ie cannot be opened due to a problem. First, check whether the system time is correct, and if the motherboard battery is unavailable, the system time may be incorrect,
The virus may also tamper with the system time. If the date is incorrect, ie cannot be opened. If not, clear all files in the IE cache. If not, reinstall IE or the system.
13: only licensed programs can be run
Choose "user configuration"> "management module"> "system"> "running Windows applications with a license" from the "gpedit. msc" tab, and double-click "enable ".
Select "display" and then select "add. Find the. exe file in the application you want to select. Then confirm .. In your system
The application can be used. Other programs cannot be used.
Do not run the specified program:
Choose "user configuration"> "management module"> "system"> "do not run the specified Windows application. Select" enabled ".
Select & quot; show & quot; and then select Add. Add the file whose program name is .exe. You will not be able to open these programs ..
14: forbidden access control panel
Choose "user configuration"> "management module"> "Control Panel"> "Prohibit Access Control Panel" from running gpedit. MSC and double-click "enable ".
Tip: insufficient virtual memory Solution
My computer → properties → advanced → Performance Settings → advanced → changes → custom size the size displayed in the column is recommended in the initial size field, as shown in the following figure
766 mb. Enter 766 here, which is twice the maximum value of 766.
Sixteen: restrict file downloads
Restrict download items from Internet Explorer → properties → Security → Custom Level → disable file download

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Computer Maintenance Experience

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