Computers are all crazy !!!!

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You cannot afford to learn computer science !!!!!!!
You have learned the language that people speak !!!!!!
It's a little bit of a reference to tune the physical environment !!!!!
I learned computer languages !!!!!!

The computer won't nod to you. Yes, no !!!!!
It will report a bunch of cloud migration errors !!!! Yes !!!!

Sometimes I don't report anything. I just crashed !!! Yes !!!
German and French numbers are hard to read !!!!!
You can find this algorithm book !!!!! It's the same as Kangxi Dictionary !!!! Yes !!!!!
Various HEAPS !!! Stack !!! Tree !!!! Figure !!!!
When it comes to trees, there will be tears !!!!

The light tree is divided into generation trees !! Minimum Spanning Tree !! Direction tree !! Extraordinary directed
Tree !! Binary Tree !! Ordinary binary tree !! Balance binary tree !! Complete Binary Tree !! Completely regularizedbinary tree !! Harman tree !! Dizzy?

Also traverse !!! Preface, middle, and back !!!
Assembly Language !!! It looks like garbled !!! There are n optical registers !!! No binary program is written !!!!! The simplest sum of two numbers is dead !!!!
C ++ !!!! A pointer can kill you !!!! Memory overflow is common !!!! Linked list !!!
Two-way linked list !!! This is a complete trap !!!
Java !!! A variety of frameworks are just for me !!!!! One spring can learn spring next year from spring this year !!!! Yes !!!!
It's hard to learn !!!!!! And eliminated again !!! The new framework is coming out again !!!! Yes !!!!!!
Operating system !!! Linux server !!! You need to remember various commands !!! VI editor is simply a wing
Ah !!!! Linux Kernel !!!

How old are the children !!!!
Database !!!!

Learn another SQL language !!!! The SQL statements of MySQL and orcle are different !!!! Group by, order !!!! Left join right join cross join !!! Cartesian set !!!!
If you write the wrong word, it will not affect your understanding !!!!! You have a wrong punctuation on the computer !!!!

My brother used to search for a word without uppercase letters in tens of thousands of lines of code !!!!!
Have you ever experienced a cool mood where the system crashes constantly and cannot find the cause !!!!! A group of people stay up for a week !!!
Finally, I found a line of comments with multiple enter keys !!!!
Bug Changes always increase !!! Testers playing games beat you with a whip !!!!! It's hard to make it !!!!

Customer's sentence: "change "!!!!

Working overtime and staying up all night long !!!!! How did you learn computer !!!

You cannot afford to hurt computer learning !!!!

What about Tiankai !!! Others know that you are a computer !!!! Take a photo and repair a picture at ordinary times !!!
Install a computer !!!! Install a system !!!! TM will find me to repair all the printers !!!!! Brother is only a computer professional or network engineering ..... Why do I have to join computers !!!! More
If you have any questions in the Excel worksheet, contact me !!!! My brother is just a computer programmer !!!! Not a fairy !!!!!!!

I want to explain to others that you are a software engineer, not a computer repairer, and you do not know how much the computer is worth, people will think that you know you are not willing to tell him that kind of contempt ......... Thanks !!!!
I have developed it all now !!! It was pushed out by the white eyes of others... Computer Installation !!! Install the system !!! Computer repair !!! Printer repair !!! Prices for computer cameras and computer peripheral products !!!!!!! Mydu
It's almost omnipotent !!!!!!!!!!! Miserable !!!!!!!!! I have even powdered toner cartridges !!!!! I can't do anything else !!!!!!

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