Crm: several methods for creating CRM graphical reports

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The Application of integrating graphical reports into CRM is common and is also of interest to everyone. I summarized some of the methods used in the project:


  1. Windows Sharepoint Service (WSS 3.0) + Office web part

In WSS 2.0, there is a free webpart: Office 2003 Add-in: Web Parts and Components, but 3.0 cannot be directly installed (you can install it manually ), this webpart is easy to use, but not flexible. And if you want to see the graphical reports it generates, your machine must install Microsoft Office 2003/2007, so there are still limitations.



  1. Windows Sharepoint Service (WSS3.0) + Reporting Service web part

You can also use the webpart Reporting Services Add-in of SQL reports in WSS 3.0 by writing the Report first, and then adding the Report to the WSS page using the Report Viewer webpart, this method is flexible because it basically calls SQL Reporting Service. However, this method has a certain impact on performance.



  1. ASP. Net + FusionCharts

FusionCharts is a professional software for generating graphical reports. It is actually a Flash file that displays graphics by accepting XML data. FusionCharts has a free version that provides excellent graphical reports. This release actually uses ASP. Net + FusionCharts to develop reports, so it is more flexible and convenient to support multiple organizations, and the effect is also very beautiful. Similar reporting software: Visifire (using Silverlight), AnyChart (using Flash), Dundas (SharePoint webpart)


  1. CRM Analytics Accelerator

The CRM 4.0 Addon can also implement the CRM Dashboard. For more information, see CRM Accelerators-Part I-Analytics Accelerator.

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