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DC-DC DC Voltage Converter

It includes boost, Buck, boost, Buck, and reverse structures, featuring high efficiency, high output current, and low static current. The disadvantage of this type of power supply controller is that the Output Ripple and switch noise are large, and the cost is relatively high.

Low dropout regulator for low-voltage differential Linear Voltage Regulator

Compared with traditional linear voltage regulators, traditional linear voltage regulators require a 2 V ~ 3 V, otherwise it will not work normally.

The new LVS linear voltage regulator can achieve a voltage drop of only 100mV, and the output noise is 30uv. The PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio) is a static current of 60db and 6ua.

Therefore, when the system input voltage is similar to the output voltage, the ldos is the best choice and can achieve high efficiency. Most of the applications that convert the lithium-ion battery voltage to the 3 V output voltage choose an LVS regulator.

If the input and output voltage is not very close, it is necessary to consider the switch type of DC-DC, because the input current of the regulator is basically equal to the output current, so if the pressure drop is too large, therefore, the energy consumed on the ldos is too high and the efficiency is not high.

In general, boost must choose dcdc, Buck, whether to choose DC-DC or ldos to compare cost, efficiency, noise and Performance

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