Dell disk array control card (RAID card) megacli Common Management Command Summary

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New version of megacli-1.01.24-0.i386.rpm (: Http:// Common Files/ The package will install the program under/OPT, of course, you can also customize the installation directory, for example: RPM--relocate/opt/=/usr/sbin/-I megacli-1.01.24-0.i386.rpm (that is, the installation directory/opt replaced/usr/ Sbin).   (There is a megacli file in the Linux folder with I386 RPM)   related commands and their resolution:  view machine model    # Dmidecode | grep "Product"   View manufacturer    # dmidecode| grep   "Manufacturer"   View serial number    # Dmidecode | grep   "Serial number"   View CPU information    # Dmidecode | grep   CPU   View number of CPUs    # Dmidecode | grep   "Socket designation:cpu" |wc–l  View factory date    # Dmidecode | grep "Date"   View charge status    # megacli-adpbbucmd-getbbustatus-aall |grep "Charger status"   Displays BBU status information    # megacli-adpbbucmd-getbbustatus–aall  displays BBU capacity information    # MegaCli- adpbbucmd-getbbucapacityinfo–aall  display BBU design parameters    # MEGACLI-ADPBBUCMD-GETBBudesigninfo–aall  Display current BBU properties    # megacli-adpbbucmd-getbbuproperties–aall  View charge Progress percentage     # megacli-adpbbucmd-getbbustatus-aall |grep "Relative State of Charge"   query RAID array number    # Megacli-cfgdsply-aall |grep "Number of disk GROUPS:"   Display RAID card model, RAID settings, DISK related information      # megacli-cfgdsply–aall  Displays all physical information    # megacli-pdlist-aall  displays all Logical disk group information    # megacli-ldinfo-lall–aall  View Physical Disk rebuild Progress (important)    # Megacli-pdrbld-showprog-physdrv [1:5]-a0  Check the number of adapters     #MegaCli –adpcount  View adapter time     #MegaCli-adpgettime–aall  Show all adapter Information     #MegaCli-adpallinfo–aall  View cache policy settings    # Megacli-cfgdsply-aall | grep polic  Hard drive:  1, view all Physical disk information  megacli-pdlist-aall adapter #0  enclosure number:1  Slot number:5 device id:5 sequence Number:2 media ErRor count:0 other Error count:0 predictive Failure count:0 last predictive Failure Event Seq NUMBER:0&N Bsp Raw SIZE:140014MB [0x11177328 sectors] non coerced size:139502mb [0x11077328 sectors] coerced SIZE:139392MB [ 0x11040000 sectors] firmware State:hotspare sas Address (0): 0x5000c50008e5cca9 sas address (1): 0x0  inquiry data:seagate st3146855ss     s5273ln4y1x0 ..... 2, view disk cache policy   Megacli-ldgetprop-cache-l0-a0 adapter 0-vd 0:cache policy:writeback, Readaheadnone, Direct or  Megacli-ldgetprop-cache-l1-a0 adapter 0-vd 1:cache policy:writeback, Readaheadnone, Direct or  Megacli-ldgetprop-cache-lall-a0 adapter 0-vd 0:cache policy:writeback, Readaheadnone, Direct Adapter 0-VD 1 : Cache policy:writeback, Readaheadnone, Direct or megacli-ldgetprop-cache-lall-aall adapter 0-VD 0:c Ache Policy:writeback, Readaheadnone, Direct adapter0-VD 1:cache Policy:writeback, Readaheadnone, direct or megacli-ldgetprop-dskcache-lall-aall  Adapter 0-vd 0:disk Write Cache:disk ' s default adapter 0-vd 1:disk Write cache:disk ' s default 3, setting disk cache policy &N BSP; cache policy Explanation:  WT     (write Through wb     (write back)  nora   (No read Ahead)  ra     (read ahead)  adra   (Adaptive Read ahead)  Cached Direct  Example:  megacli-ldsetprop wt| wb| nora| ra| Adra-l0-a0 or megacli-ldsetprop-cached|-direct-l0-a0 or enable/disable Disk cache  Megacli-ldsetprop-endskcache|-disdskcache-l0-a0 4, create/delete array      4.1 create a RAID5 array, Composed of physical disk 2,3,4, the hot spare of the array is the physical disk 5 MEGACLI-CFGLDADD-R5 [1:2,1:3,1:4] WB direct-hsp[1:5]–a0    & nbsp;4.2 Create array, do not specify hot spare  MEGACLI-CFGLDADD-R5 [1:2,1:3,1:4] WB direct–a0     4.3 Delete array   Megacli-cfglddel-l1–a0     4.4 online Add disk  megacli-ldrecon-start-r5-add-physdrv[1:4]-l1-a0  means, rebuilding Logical Disk Group 1, RAID level is 5, add Physical disk number: 1:4. After the rebuild is complete, the newly added physical disk is automatically in the Rebuild (sync) state, and this time fdisk-l is not able to see the space of the array become larger, only after the system restarts.  5, viewing array initialization information      5.1 after the array has been created, there is a process to initialize the synchronization block to see its progress.  MegaCli-LDInit-ShowProg-LALL-aALL  display  MegaCli-LDInit-ProgDsply-LALL–aALL  with dynamic visual text interface     5.2 viewing the background initialization progress of the array  MegaCli-LDBI-ShowProg-LALL-aALL  or displaying  megacli in a dynamic visual text interface- Ldbi-progdsply-lall-aall 6, creating global Hot Spares   specifying 5th disk as global hot spare  megacli-pdhsp-set [-enclaffinity] [-nonrevertible] -physdrv[1:5]-a0  can also be specified as a dedicated hot spare for an array  megacli-pdhsp-set [-dedicated [-array1]] [-enclaffinity] [- Nonrevertible]-physdrv[1:5]-a0 7, delete global hot spare  megacli-pdhsp-rmv-physdrv[1:5]-a0 8, bring a Physical disk offline/on-line   Megacli-pdoffline-physdrv [1:4]-a0 megacli-pdonline-physdrv [1:4]-a0 9, view Physical Disk rebuild Progress  megacli-pdrbld- Showprog-physdrv [1:5]-a0

Dell disk array control card (RAID card) megacli Common Management Command summary

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