Dell PowerEdge R720 IDRAC Express Setup

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As opposed to the enterprise version of Idrac, the Express,idrac port we purchased was R720 with a black plastic block. The online Dell 12 product Idrac Port has been upgraded to the 1G Ethernet port, finally found that my R720 Express version of the default or 100M ~ but also does not affect. My room is downstairs, so I also feel that express is enough.

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"IP Settings"

(1) The simplest way to set up is to use the front panel LCD plus three or so to confirm the button, enter the setup->idrac->ip-> subnet mask and gateway->dns settings (the last DNS is best set up). after you've set it up, remember to press OK.

(2) If you want to enter the BIOS settings, boot press F11,system Settup->idrac Setting, the NIC Selectioin there Select a network port (the default LOM1). Record right slider down to see Set IP address, default is set.

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"Network Access"

At first, I thought that the default setting would do, either on the local server or remotely, but not on the login.

There are several reasons for this:

(1) First, because our computer is DHCP gets to 172.18.x IP, so it is impossible to reach 192.168 of the network segment. So, we set the computer's network card to a manual IP, and then point to Advanced, the 192.168.x network segment added into. Here is a small episode, set up IP access 192.168.x, landed on the. Someone else's server. R420. 650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 3.jpg " alt= "Wkiol1svtobwdvpiaae-vuwfzco816.jpg"/>

(2) Here is a problem is to prevent others Idrac's IP address with their own conflict, so can be set to 192.168.10.x and so on. I first set up my own computer IP for,idrac IP is, still cannot connect. Ping, reply to the host from unreachable. The host could not reach the most important due to two reasons, the IP of the destination host may not exist, or there is no route between the two . We can't change the router that's connected, so we can only find another way.

(3) "The most important solution is here" because the network segment of the lab is 172.18.219.x, the network segment of the server is 172.18.216.x, there is a route between the two. Therefore, the Idrac should be set up according to the local area network where you are located. Therefore, we set the server Idrac IP to, the computer IP will keep the original DHCP on the line (172.18.219.x). This will make it accessible.

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(4) We look at the Express version of the Idrac,nic select only LOM1 to LOM4 (Nic four ports), and there is no enterprise, failover I set here to LOM2, network speed is only 100M, cannot be changed.

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(5) Finally, I would like to say that the use of the Dell official website Openmanager, buy it comes with this disc. However, the login interface has more than one host IP address.

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Dell PowerEdge R720 IDRAC Express Setup

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