Dell PowerEdge Server naming rules and model classifications

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Starting with the tenth generation server, Dell has re-regulated the server name, taking the current 12th generation of the mainstream PowerEdge R620 server as an example:

The first digit is the letter, R stands for the rack server, the others are:

    1. R:rack, rack-Mount Server
    2. T:tower, Tower Server
    3. M:modular, the modular meaning, is actually the blade server
    4. C: A more specific series, a high-density server for data center solutions, also known as a micro-server, is named differently from the other series.

The second digit is the number: represents the location of this server throughout the product line. 6 description is the mainstream model, others include:

    1. The 1 and 2 series are basic entry-level single CPU servers, ideal for small business first servers;
    2. 3, 4, 5 Series for the middle and high-end single-channel CPU and entry-level dual CPU server, optional advanced system management functions, to meet the general business needs, suitable for remote sites and large corporate departments, but also as the core business application server for small and medium enterprises;
    3. 6, 7, 8 series is the main two-way CPU and entry-level four-way CPU server, with strong performance, can meet most enterprise application needs, suitable for the need of excellent virtualization, system management Energy efficiency of the server room, enterprise data center and remote site use;
    4. The 9 Series is the highest-end four-way CPU server. Powerful computing power to support extra-large memory. For mission-critical applications that require the highest performance, reliability, and I/O scalability. As for the 8-way CPU server, Dell has introduced the corresponding product in the 4th generation PowerEdge server. Subsequent to the popularity of processor Hyper-threading and multicore technology on server products, Dell has progressively transitioned its 8-way server product line to a 4-way multi-core server, thereby eliminating the development of new 8-way server products.

The third digit is the number: The server that represents this server is the first generation.

Currently Dell's newest server is the 12th generation, so this number is 2

Last digit, 0 means Intel's cpu,5 representative is AMD's CPU

In addition, for some special servers, a few letters will be marked at the end to differentiate. For example, r720xd on behalf of this server can configure ultra-high-density disk (2U configured up to 26 2.5-inch disk), m1000e is the blade server chassis, and so on.

How about the next time you see the name of the Dell server, you know the server's approximate performance and type?

Dell PowerEdge Server naming rules and model classifications

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