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A few weeks ago, Dell released the new XPS 11 ultra-polar, which not only carries the latest Intel Haswell processor, but also has a 360-degree flip screen design similar to Lenovo Yoga, which is automatically disabled when the screen flips to the back of the fuselage. At the same time, this 11.6-inch screen resolution of up to 2560*1440 pixels, is undoubtedly the most noteworthy Haswell platform deformation of the present. At the Computex Taipei Computer Show, Dell also exhibited the aircraft, the following is a look at the foreign technology media to play experience it.

The XPS 11 on display at Dell is still a prototype, so some details have not been implemented, such as price and detail specifications. But to be sure, the 11.6-inch IPS screen on the machine has a 2560*1440 pixel resolution that is completely different from the 11-inch laptop we've been in contact with before. As you would expect, the display of this screen is absolutely stunning, not only the delicate feeling of pixel density, but also the color reduction and visual angle, even though it is still pure from 180 degree viewing. In addition, the screen will support the pressure-sensitive stylus, but Dell has not yet indicated whether the technology is from the Wacom company and we have no chance to test during the demo.

In terms of design, the Dell XPS 11 will have a fuselage thickness of less than 15 mm, weighing less than 1.13 kg and having good portability. However, regardless of the final size, if the fuselage design style is not too much breakthrough, still use the XPS 12 and XPS 13 on the carbon fiber material, you can also see some luxurious details, such as metal nameplate and other elements. Of course, it sounds a bit like complaining that the XPS 11 isn't bold enough to adopt a new design style, but it's certainly the workmanship and texture of the machine is superb.

The Dell XPS 11 takes a number of adventurous designs on the keyboard to achieve a better flat-mode experience. First, it's a flat, short, flat keyboard that may not feel too good. But Dell appears to have listened to comments from users about Lenovo Yoga's usage patterns, designing the XPS 11 to automatically disable the keyboard after a 180-degree screen flip. In other words, using the XPS 11 won't be like Lenovo Yoga, you don't have to worry about the wrong operation of your fingers touching the keyboard, which is a very humane design.

It's hard to say if Dale made a stupid decision. Although Dell XPS 11 is a hybrid design, but it is still a notebook, and is an expensive notebook, then the user at a large price after the ability to endure poor keyboard feel, this is very curious. This involves the positioning problem, although Microsoft Surface Pro is somewhat similar, but it is a tablet computer, the keyboard shell is only a peripheral. One of the big reasons we like Dell XPS 12 and 13 is that it has a good feel for the keyboard. Then, whether this kind of ambiguous positioning will be successful, we believe that the market performance after the Dell XPS 11 is listed will tell us the answer.

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