Dell's new XPS 12 notebook comprehensive Evaluation

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   Dell's new XPS 12 notebook comprehensive evaluation! With Dell's new XPS 122 All-in-one laptop, the next small series brings us to the XPS 12 review, so let's look at what's changed in the generation of XPS 12.

Hardware configuration

The author of the XPS 12 specifically configured to: The sixth generation of intelligent Intel Core M5 processor, 8GB memory, 256GB solid-state Drive, 3840x2160 resolution of the touch screen, pre-installed Windows 10 operating system, and equipped with 2 compatible with Lightning 3 standard USB Type C interface.

Fuselage appearance

Unlike the design of a flip screen, the new XPS 12 is converted to a detachable two-in-one design, with a noticeable change in styling design. First of all, let's look at the flat panel, the flat body using black design, the fuselage front cover has a 12.5-inch 3840x2160 resolution of the touch screen, the surface covered by Corning Gorilla Protection Glass, screen support multi-touch, colorful, wide visual angle.

Flat part of the fuselage shell for magnesium alloy materials, the surface of a comfortable skin coating, not only feel comfortable and delicate, not sticky fingerprints, but also to improve the sense of damping, to enhance the comfort of a single grip. Computer Tutorials

The fuselage enclosure extends to the four weeks of the flat fuselage, and the design of the one-piece rear cover can effectively enhance the overall robustness. Although the fuselage around the use of graphic design, but with a skin-like coating so that the body to maintain a better grip. The interface and keys are located on both sides of the fuselage, with a microphone array at the top, and only four screws and metal connection contacts at the bottom of the fuselage, reflecting Dell's high standard of design.

Next look at the keyboard base section, the Dell XPS 12 fuselage and keyboard base with a magnetic connection device, without the card buckle, the plug-in design is more flexible. The top of the base has a concave buckle, which is not adjustable and is raised after the screen is expanded or closed.

Because the fuselage size is 12 inch design, the keyboard design is slightly more compact than the conventional notebook. Keyboard surface with a flat part of the shell of different skin design, feel comfortable and soft, more like imitation leather design. The back of the keyboard is the alloy material shell, the design is insipid.

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