Design (23) 3D graphic software design of binary Functions

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Design (23)

Graphic software design for Binary Functions

This software is designed to create black-and-white illustrations for papers or textbooks. It uses gridlines to represent the 2-element function z = f (x, y). [Note: Actually, it is y = f (x, z), x, z is the independent variable. In this example, the function type,The range defined by the independent variable and the value range of the function,Grid line density,X, Y, Z rotation angle,The magnification and perspective coefficient can be set at Will (see the status line indication). To reduce the setting of various parameters, you can choose to set 5 sets of fixed parameters provided by the system, therefore, you only need to click any menu from show0 to show4. After the setting is satisfactory, the image is printed and output, and the DPI used for printing is three times the resolution used for display. The following two options are displayed:

This graph indicates that the function is 1/S1 + 1/s2, where

S1 = SQRT (X-a) * (X-A) + y * Y); If S1 <0.2 then S1 = 0.2;
S2 = SQRT (x + a) * (x + a) + y * Y); If S2 <0.2 then S2 = 0.2;

The graphical representation is the same as the preceding function, but the parameters used, such as grid density and rotation angle, are different.

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