Devstack Deploying OpenStack Environments

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Here is a brief introduction to the OpenStack Runtime environment for deploying multiple nodes using Devstack (Stable/juno):

    1. Multi-node Nova-network environment

    2. Multi-node Neutron environment

System version: Ubuntu 13.10

Devstack Multi-host Nova-network

      • Problems encountered:

      • Deployment time to Error:command ' X86_64-LINUX-GNU-GCC ' failed with exit status 1 error

This is because some dependent packages are not installed, and you can update the dependent packages with the following command:

$sudo Apt-get BUILD-DEP Python-lxml

Control node:

# # #IP Configurationhost_ip=ip_address#credentialsadmin_password=passworddatabase_password=passwordrabbit_ Password=passwordservice_password=passwordservice_token=password#multinode configurationflat_interface= Eth0fixed_range=<<floating_ip_range>>multi_host =1### #Tempestenable_service Tempest#log outputlogfile=/opt/stack/logs/ Falsescreen_logdir=/opt/stack/logs


Devstack Multi-host Neutron

Control node:

host_ip= passwordservice_token=tokentoken# use Quantum instead of Nova-networkdisable_service n-netenable_service Q-svcenable_ Service Q-agtenable_service q-dhcpenable_service q-l3enable_service neutronenable_service q-metaenable_service q-metering# Network settings# #VLAN configureq_plugin=ml2enable_tenant_vlans=trueml2_vlan_ranges=physnet1:100:200q _ml2_tenant_network_type=vlanq_ml2_plugin_mechanism_drivers=openvswitchq_ml2_plugin_type_drivers=vlan,local, flatphysical_network=physnet1ovs_physical_bridge=br-eth1# #Tunnel configureenable_tenant_tunnels=false# #Public Ip Configurefloating_range= Truelogfile=/opt/stack/data/stack.logscreen_logdir=/opt/stack/data/logreclone=yes

COMPUTE nodes:

host_ip= passwordservice_password=passwordservice_token=tokentokenenabled_services=n-cpu,rabbit,neutron,q-agt# Openstack Services running on controller nodemysql_host= $SERVICE _hostrabbit_host= $SERVICE _hostq_host= $SERVICE _hostglance_ hostport= $SERVICE _host:9292#enable Compute VNC server. nova_vnc_enabled=true# Network settings# #VLAN configureq_plugin=ml2enable_tenant_vlans=trueml2_vlan_ranges= Physnet1:100:200q_ml2_tenant_network_type=vlanq_ml2_plugin_mechanism_drivers=openvswitchq_ml2_plugin_type_ drivers=vlan,local,flatphysical_network=physnet1ovs_physical_bridge=br-eth1# #Tunnel configureENABLE_TENANT_ Tunnels=falselogfile=/opt/stack/data/stack.logscreen_logdir=/opt/stack/data/logreclone=yes

Manual execution:

Ovs-vsctl add-port br-eth1 eth1 #数据网

Ovs-vsctl add-port br-ex eth0 #公网

Devstack Deploying OpenStack Environments

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