Digital camera card photos mistakenly deleted how to resume the tutorial

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Introduction: Many digital camera enthusiasts in the face of accidental deletion of photos, how to recover as soon as possible, usually have no clue, some users will try to find their own files, but in the end can only be returned without work. In fact, Le Isia data Recovery software on the camera memory card file recovery problem, has successfully achieved a fool-style recovery effect, novice users only need two minutes to retrieve the deleted files.

As we all know, digital camera a kind of portable camera ultra-high cost-effective features, greatly attracted the attention of consumers. Compared to high-end SLR cameras, simple and inexpensive digital cameras are more market-friendly, which is one of the main reasons why most consumers choose digital cameras.

However, digital camera players in the face of the implementation of photo file management, in particular, it is important to note that you must not accidentally delete the key photos, otherwise it is difficult to retrieve the lost photos. Most of the camera operating systems do not have a file backup system, which means that once the photos are deleted, there is almost no way for ordinary players to retrieve lost files.

To recover the photos on the camera memory card, the detailed steps are as follows:

1, download and install the "Le Isia digital Photo Recovery" software.


2. Connect your camera memory card to your computer using a card reader.

3, run the "Le Isia digital Photo Recovery" software, the following interface appears.

If your memory card is already connected to your computer, the list box will display your memory card, click the left mouse button on your memory card, then click Next in the lower right corner.


4, the software into the interface below, is analyzing your memory card, please be patient and wait for the following progress bar to end.

The red circle indicates that some digital photos have been found.


5, the end of the scan, is the result of the analysis.

Tick the desired digital photo and click the Export button at the bottom right to export the selected file.


6, click the "Select Directory" button, select the Export directory, please select your computer hard disk.

7, wait for the export progress to finish, restore success!

Digital camera card photos mistakenly deleted how to resume the tutorial

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