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1. Hybrid file storage solution
Internal and external communications between enterprises and files requiring mobile office use can be stored in the public cloud part of the fast enough network disk; files that occupy a large capacity and are limited to internal communication within the LAN are stored on the internal storage server, which is more conducive to collaboration between team members. Intranet transmission features no bandwidth resource occupation and high speed, making collaboration easier and faster. The special feature of the design department and team of an enterprise is that the files generated are relatively large. If the source files of design between multiple designers are shared in a traditional way, the operations are cumbersome and time-consuming, in addition, it is not guaranteed that there are enough devices at any time for use. files are stored locally and hard disk space is tight. If you collaborate through the public cloud, you must seize more bandwidth resources, the entire office network is affected, and collaboration efficiency is worrying. After the enterprise kit is used, the source files are stored on the internal server and transmitted over the Intranet, which relieves Network Pressure and backup and file sharing time.

2. Independent login and Authentication System
Enterprises can customize login interfaces and domain names, so that they can achieve fast service and enterprise image unification without investing a lot of human and financial resources. The standalone Authentication Service supports CSV file authentication and LDAP Authentication mode, which can be easily connected to the original IT Management System in the enterprise, meeting the requirements for rapid deployment of enterprises and greatly reducing the use threshold, it is easier to promote and use within the enterprise.
Document-based remarks and discussion
Fast enough not only to synchronize files between different devices and users, but also to allow users to expand remarks and discussions on shared files. Related information can be synchronized with the file to the person involved in the sharing. It is convenient to record the communication information in the collaboration, so that the working status of the participants can be synchronized and consistent. 3. data security and reliability
Fast enough to use 256-bit SSL encryption technology in the file storage process, and the same level of encryption measures as the online banking. This effectively prevents files from being stolen during transmission. All online storage documents have more than three backup images to ensure that file data is never lost.
The "fast enough" to provide team collaboration services received a round of financing of RMB December in 40 million. Today, the company's founder, Jiang Xiaoyu, revealed to I that Sequoia Capital was the one who received this round of financing, gobi venture capital, which had previously invested RMB 5 million, made a follow-up investment.

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