Download and install the Quartus II 11.0 suite

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I. Summary

To use dsp_builder with MATLAB 2010b, the Quartus II 11.0 suite is downloaded and installed.


Ii. Similarities and Differences between Quartus II versions

Quartus II 11.0 differs from the previous software in the following aspects:

(1) The software before us II 9.1 comes with a simulation component, and later the software does not include this component, so Modelsim must be installed for simulation.

(2) The software before us II 9.1 comes with a hardware library and does not need to be downloaded and installed. The hardware library needs to be downloaded from 10.0 and can be installed as needed.

(3) If you need to install the system, you need to download the niosii software components earlier than us II 11.0. The niosii software comes with it since Quartus II 11.0.

(4) The software prior to us II 9.1 comes with the FPGA component; the SOPC us 10.0 comes with the system-based system components.

(5) prior to us II 10.1, the software included the clock synthesizer, that is, the settings included timequest Timing Analyzer and classic Timing Analyzer. However, Versions later than 10.1 Only included timequset time analyzer, therefore, SDC is required to constrain the time sequence.

(6) display Chinese input:

A) for versions earlier than us II 8.0, Chinese characters can be entered or displayed;

B) after us II 8.0, versions earlier than Quartus II 9.1 can display Chinese characters, but cannot enter Chinese characters;

C) after us II 9.1, versions earlier than Quartus II 11.0 cannot enter Chinese characters or display Chinese characters;

D) Quartus II 11.0, which can display Chinese characters while Inputting Chinese characters.


Iii. Download the Quartus II 11.0 suite

The us II 11.0 kit includes the following:


Basic Components of Quartus II, which need to crack files.


The Quartus II hardware component allows you to select the device type based on your needs.


Nios2 components, mainly applicationsProgramSoftware.

(42.1611.0_modelsim_ase_windows.exeor 11.0_modelsim_ AE _windows.exe

Modelsim simulation tool. The former is free and does not need to be cracked. The latter is Nb and needs to be cracked.


The dsp_builder component must be used with MATLAB and crack the file.

The above components can be downloaded from the official FTP of Altera:



Iv. Installation of Quartus II 11.0 Kit

The installation and cracking of the Quartus II 11.0 suite are similar to those of previous versions.Install the SDK in the order described above (1) (2) (3) (4) (5.


1. After Modelsim is installed, click the desktop shortcut. After it is started, it cannot exit (including the ASE and AE versions ). The solution is to delete the desktop shortcut, find the startup icon in the installation directory, and send it to the desktop shortcut again.

2. After 11.0 _ dsp_builder_windows is installed, it seems that only the standard library can be cracked, but the advanced library cannot be used.


3. the above components must be installed in the same folder, such as D: \ Altera \ 11.0.




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