Dreamweaver CS5.5 Configuration PhoneGap Mobile development environment

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build a development environment
1.Dreamweaver Version Selection
Confirm that the Dreamweaver CS5.5 version number is 11.5, internal version 5344 or above, please upgrade your version. Adobe website Some under, crack method online A lot of, mainly through serial number + change hosts method.
2. Install the Android SDK
Download the Android SDK installer to the official website and install it as shown in the picture below.

Then select the "Site-> mobile Application-> Configuration Application Framework" in the DW, pop-up dialog box, in the Android SDK path, the folder icon to the right of the point to browse to the previously installed Android SDK location, and then click Save. As shown in the picture (Note: No easy installation Here, if you click, it will remove your original Android SDK)

3. Application Settings
First click on "Site-> new Site", enter your own site name, and the local site folder path, and then save. As shown in the figure

Then click "Site-> Mobile application-> application Settings" to open the native Application Settings dialog box. Set the application-related information and save it as shown in the figure

After completing, click "Manage AVD", in the pop-up Android Virtual Device Manager dialog box, select the DW_AVD in the list and click on the "Start->launch" on the right to start the Android VM.

The first time it is slow to open until the following image appears: (Note: I don't know why. Click "Admin AvD" to eject the Android SDK Manager dialog box, which I actually opened manually in the Android SDK installation directory)

develop the first mobile application
1. After completing the above steps, click "File-> new" in Dreamweaver, select "Page->mobile start Page->jquery Mobile (PHONEGAP)" In the Pop-up new Document dialog box, and then click Create. As shown in the figure

2. Save the file as a index.html in the Hellowrold folder and click Save. The Copy Related Files dialog box pops up and the copy is selected. As shown in the figure

3. Select the site-> Mobile application-> build and simulate->android to wait for the program to be packaged and published to the virtual machine. As shown in the figure

After publishing, you may receive an error message "Dreamweaver cannot open xxx in the emulator," as shown in the figure.

2012/2/25 Update

The problem is that when I'm not on the simulator, starting the emulator from the DW will always appear, but if you open the emulator first, then point to build and simulate, this time the build is successful. However, the program is not installed on the emulator, you must manually install, the installation method is as follows
Install the Android application
1 Start the Android simulator
2 adb install (APK on PC path/) *.apk
3 Android Emulator interface to open the APK application

4. Set up the above steps and rebuild and simulate, this should be OK, will appear as shown in the picture of the success of information and effects. It's all done by here.

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