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Sina technology news China broadband application development forum and China tripbench play/IPTV Annual Forum April 18 ~ Held in Beijing on the 19th, the mission is to solve the technical, commercial, market, service, content, and regulatory problems faced by operators in the process of providing video services through broadband.

The following is a keynote speech by Robin mersh, chief operating officer of DSL forum, entitled "IPTV and triple play: optimizing broadband networks and providing excellent services ". Robin mersh: Good morning, everyone. Here I will introduce you to the work of our forum. First of all, let's look at a few figures. Many of our member organizations and companies will give us some numbers quarterly, the first data is the access technology that supports various businesses in a variety of access technologies. This is the figure in December 31, 2006. We can see that 2/3 of broadband users use the DSL access method. This table introduces the numbers in our region, which are mainly Southeast Asian numbers. These numbers may be different from those in other regions. Looking at China, we divide it into three zones. There are more than 0.1 billion users in mainland China. We want to compare China with other countries. The growth rate of the entire Southeast Asia region is very fast. Of course, the growth rate of China in Southeast Asia is far greater than that of other countries, and the growth rate is constantly increasing. To better explain this, let's take a look at this trend chart. China has become the world's largest DSL market. If we talk about the overall line, it may still be the first in the United States. However, the United States and China have different statistical standards in terms of the number of computing lines, but we should see that China's future potential is much greater. Here, I would like to introduce the background of this forum. We established this forum in 1994. Some service providers and top DSL equipment vendors are our members. The most important mission of our forum is to develop standards for the DSL industry. Of course, we also promote DSL technology globally. We often tell the market about the new growth of DSL technology and what technologies can manufacturers provide. As you can see from the figures just introduced, the status of DSL in the broadband field is definitely important, but this achievement is not one-day success. We are actively developing standards, it also actively cooperates with other international organizations, such as ITU. We try our best to establish some official DSL standards. We promote DSL in many places, and we often organize experts to help some members. Currently, the total number of members is 200, there are about 45 service providers, and other Members are mainly equipment manufacturers, consulting companies, and some interest-related organizations. We really welcome more Chinese companies to become our members. This is the percentage of our global DSL member forums, a large part of which comes from service providers, but not all service providers are our members. If 55% of the members by region are from North America and 37% are from Europe, it is obvious that we still need to develop Forum influence in Asia. At present, the DSL forum needs to learn more about the Chinese market. Yesterday I heard a Chinese operator talk about the IPTV deployment standards that need to be observed in mainland China. These standards may be unique in China, not in other world standards, therefore, we are very interested in this point. Standards are formulated to promote the development of the whole DSL industry. IPTV is also very important for the development of DSL, we believe that more broadband services can promote the development of DSL, so I am very encouraged to hear the progress of Chinese business. I would like to introduce you IPTV In the market, there are indeed some technologies to promote the development of the industry, such as MPEG-4 MPEG-4 Allow more users to accept IPTV This is IPTV A driving factor for development. The second driving factor is ADSL +. , And vdsl2 With special transmission technology, it can be transmitted more quickly. There is also a new application-layer error correction code to ensure IPTV Through DSL Transmission with high quality. Here we also use DVB In close cooperation, we have dedicated rules for DVB . Fourth, we are talking about using existing home wiring to deploy IPTV in the home. . In this way, the ease of plug-and-play can be better used. This is a more just field of DSM. At present, everyone is very concerned about DSM But it is not based on standards so far, but it has great potential and we will focus on its development. Of course, the Forum will play its own role, so I also encourage everyone to pay attention to DSM. Further technological development.For service providers, these figures are all in USD. They are typical American customers. If we look at multiple businesses, a pie chart shows opportunities for multiple businesses, currently, for ADSL customers, $25 is a local call charge and $15 is a long-distance call charge. bandwidth is USD 30. For American households, the basic TV cost is about $40, and the digital TV cost is about $12, so recently IPTV customers will reach million in. At the same time, some IPTV services can increase the average monthly fee of users. We expect $132 per month. However, this estimation is very conservative because DSL is a non-profit organization, therefore, we are not very enthusiastic about predicting revenue. Here we will introduce the rules we have previously done. In the next few months, we hope to further expand our work scope. Many organizations have said that they are willing to do IPTV services, however, some companies have stopped this work, and some companies have announced that they want to launch new large-scale IPTV projects. So we want to say that our focus is on IPTV, because this is an obvious key business. In addition, we have done a lot of work, for example, we have laid a solid working foundation. Let's take a look at the middle-access box, where we started our work and saw the file output from the forum. We had an internal discussion for several months and produced such a technical report, an agreed technical report, which is the access and convergence of Ethernet. The transition to Ethernet also requires some key construction. TR-069 It is a very important technical report. Why do manufacturers pay so much attention to this document because it is very important for service providers, and service providers are constantly referencing this technical report, because this is critical for future business development, and TR-069 Is two CP segments Management Protocol, which is designed to be able to manage all terminal systems in DSL Manage in the family. As mentioned above, some set-top boxes must be plug-and-play and can be conveniently used in local electronic stores. It will automatically find the network, the network will automatically identify it, and configure and upgrade it. TR-069 It's already far beyond this, TR-069 Ability in non-TR-069 Because we have realized that not only DSL We also take this into consideration because there are other regulations in the Forum and other companies. Another important task is the set-top box. We are currently discussing this text. We hope that a special protocol for the set-top box will be generated at the end of this year. The development of China Telecom is very important. At the same time, it is consistent with China Telecom. Therefore, this is our two key areas. But control is also very important, we have a WT-135 Policy Control Framework,This is where we form the text. I would like to encourage you to pay attention to these two contents. There is also a TR-126, which is very important for IPTV, it involves the service quality, from the consumer's point of view, in fact, the service provider about the service quality, the most important is from the network aspect, this is not important for consumers. We need to focus on the experience of users watching IPTV, so these services are actually very open and the screen cannot be jittery, this is the problem solved in this technical report. You must control these problems so that the user experience is the same as or better than other TV services in order to improve your services.     Pair
In fact, there are three reasons for the evolution of triple playback, which must be standardized and explained why we are doing our work. First, we need the evolution of plastic broadband. The specifications used in the past are for service providers and
The vendor specification also includes content providers and other service providers. Second, we need to provide regional and global intercommunication and network equipment intercommunication, because we think that
If IPTV wants to take off, it must be a global standard. We need to have an open access architecture, which is the same as what we said yesterday. We must have an open architecture instead of a specialized architecture. We do need to develop open standards. What exactly does this industry need? We have made a lot of discussions, and everyone will agree that, as a content provider, there are also CPE's
The industry and broadband service providers all have different needs and all want to work together. Therefore, what we want to do is to meet the different requirements mentioned above and provide users with experience, the quality of experience is very high. We do not
We can only make the best effort, not just do our best. We need to provide a high-quality experience. This is what we have done in different fields. We have already clearly introduced different components that can be logically
We have broadband control and broadband suite access. Our job is to create a cognitive human engineering access network for access, and we need to have some specific specifications, which are also well known to everyone. When
You can see some environments, such as optical fiber deployment, DSL and WiMAX deployment. In fact, the cognition between different devices must be realized in the same network, in fact, we need to provide higher bandwidth support and perform more interoperability tests. This test is not conducted by the DSL forum, but by our members, vendors jointly test the interconnectivity between each other, and as service providers, they can also find qualified devices that can communicate with each other. For manufacturers, the advantage is to avoid problems that may occur during development. This does not mean that you can avoid all test problems. Some problems have been encountered during IPTV development, we sometimes see that each service provider does a different job, but you cannot eliminate the basic problems in the entire development process. We cannot say that IPTV deployment has no obstacles, but this is one of our goals. As broadband households, we primarily find a unified home networking environment, and the most critical criterion is some key technical reports. We primarily implement network protocols in each home networking environment, which requires remote management and actively connects digital homes with other technologies with other industry organizations, including WiMAX technology. As far as TR-069 is concerned with this technical report, I would stress it as this report is put online and TR-069 is a very popular Technical Report. Broadband ControlIt is also very popular. We can launch next-generation networks that can control all networks on a single basis. This is what we get from service providers, the service provider must have a control layer for this forum. In Network policyIn terms of IPTV, for example, if you have a customer who wants to obtain the service, you can obtain the service on the CPE, A Real-time relationship must be established between the Network policy, controller, CPE, and network. There must be no latency or upload or download. This user can be informed that the network can be obtained or cannot be obtained. Sometimes, when children want to watch programs that are not allowed to watch, they must clearly inform them that they cannot. This is the same as the world experience of China Telecom, and this is what IPTV wants to do, it is more complex than the telecom world. In addition, the same problem must be solved in these complex environments. In general, the requirements of this industry have already been listed here. In response to the requirements of the IPTV industry, the cost is very effective in connecting to the home, the network architecture supports end-to-end QoS and requires security, reliability, and policy management. In addition to effective remote CPE management, to achieve multi-vendor communication CPE, especially the TR-101 of this report, and finally cost effective triple play network, we have a WT-105 to be launched soon. The work of our forum is not over yet. Last year was the most active year for receiving documents. Our members provided 900 documents, which is very unique for the industry organizations that held the meeting once every four years, this is what we emphasize, First, broadband access, We can see to do TR-101, this is about GPON use. The other is the requirements of network components, the requirements for WT-144, on the broadband control there is a WT-134 completed, the WT-146 is being completed, there is a WT-147, and finally the broadband home, we are improving wt-135, there are a lot of terms here, and we have a lot of work in progress. We have to combine a wide range of industries to do this.
External Contacts: these are some of our active contacts. In fact, there are many organizations we contact. We can see that there are a lot of standardization organizations running some specifications, and we want to try our best to work with these standardization organizations.
You can maintain more contact, but sometimes you cannot establish such connections. Some of them work together frequently, such as ITU, from which we have introduced many specifications, and others are also critical to IPTV. I only mentioned a few, such as dlna, CEA, UPnP, etc. These are very important contact organizations for us, and we hope to be able to connect to devices that are not telecom devices, and some devices can be developed and applied to IPTV gradually,
Therefore, we have realized that we need to establish connections with the organizations corresponding to these devices. This is what we are doing now, and these organizations are very eager to work with us, because of the problems they face
China Telecom and other companies will also experience it. If you have a set-top box, you have bought a set-top box from an electronic store. If something goes wrong, who will fix it, whether it is a store, a service provider, or a third-party person to fix this problem
Some set-top box problems. Who knows? In addition, even if you know who solves this problem, you need to have a mechanism to solve it, which is why it is very important for us to have manageable CPE. We can see that these people have to solve this problem through some mechanism, which is why we work with these people.
You may have seen this paper and hope you will attend our first meeting in China. This is our first meeting in China. We are very happy to attend this meeting in China, we also encourage non-members to join me.
We are eager to recruit new companies because they are very valuable to us. We are open to non-members on Monday. If you want to know a lot about the work we are doing
Many people may have interesting exchanges, including the China Telecom Research Institute, including IPTV. We will also invite some analysts and management personnel to attend, and we will organize operation meetings, these are members of our forum. They are also opportunities for non-members to learn about the information. They know what the standards are. Therefore, we welcome everyone to participate in this forum. Our forum is managed by me on a daily basis. I am the only marketing director and a full-time management forum, but many of our specifications are written by member organizations, so I would like to participate in this job. I strongly encourage you to do so. If you want to acquire DSL knowledge or IPTV or broadband knowledge, you can also take a look. Finally, we are very honored to tell you that we have two books on DSL, which are also the chairman of the DSL forum Council who specially compiled two books on DSL. He is also the Chief Technical Officer and architect of DSL, he knows DSL very well. China Telecom is also a member of the DSL forum. Many large manufacturers in China are also our members. We can help you establish contact with experts in the DSL field. Thank you for your listening. Thank you!

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