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The author's motherboard BIOS does not need to do the setup can be used, if the old motherboard or need to go into the BIOS to check the IDE interface configuration is set correctly.


Entering Win2000 (although the author still advises home users to use Windows XP, there will be many new features for burning, easy to operate), Device Manager displays the installed burner dvd+rw 4x4x12.


Double-click the burner to view the device properties, and the DVD locale shown in advanced. There is no need to make changes.

Since it is a DVD burner, the DVD player is certainly no problem, the machine with the disc on the WinDVD player, but WinDVD 4. I also recommend several software that can play DVDs:

    • software.tom.com/softinfodisplay.php?id=2665 "Target=_blank>windvd 5
    • software.tom.com/softinfodisplay.php?id=2831 "Target=_blank>realone Player
    • software.tom.com/softinfodisplay.php?id=2778 "Target=_blank>mediaplayer Classic


Install random software, Nero CD with Express (simplified burn program, no Nero buringrom), INCD Udfreader (used to format erasable burn disk)


When Nero was installed, there was a test applet in the program group, and the results of the Nero CD Speed,benq burner were quite satisfactory. If you would like to see a detailed review, see here.


If you are interested you can also download a software.tom.com/softinfodisplay.php?id=1484 "Target=_blank>nero DVD speed to do the test, the result is the same.

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