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Let's see what the difference is between DVD burning and CD burning.


Select a DVD burner. Click on the "More <<" button below to show all the panels. Let's look at what's on the left side of the set:


The data in the options generally do not need to be modified, if you want to change the size and location of the cache, can be modified under the "Cache" tab, the default language is Simplified Chinese, in the advanced properties you can start the super carving options, but the author or recommend the general user do not do a super engraved After all, there is a certain risk.

Then we insert a blank DVD burning disk in the burner and select the disc information:


Displays the total capacity of the burn disc and the information that has been burned. To turn off this window, we select the burn data disc in the main window to continue.



You can clearly see that the capacity limit of the line in the 4.5GB position, hurriedly add some content to come in and see.


All right, fill it up, carve it. Click Next:


Here you can change the name of your disc, burn the speed (we choose the highest speed 4X, 5.52M per second Ah, fast! ), if you can be engraved on the later to add a file to hook up, if you want to save time, the test data are also checked out. For more, you can choose whether to close the disc (if the enclosure can save some space, but later can not be renewed).

Let's click "Options" next to the burner to see:


Shows the basic information of the burner, we see BenQ burner with seamless Link's anti-engraved death. Turn off the window, and we'll start burning the next step:


Pop-up a warning message, according to their own situation to choose.


Burning starts, it is recommended that you do not use the computer to do other work during the burn, screen protection is best to turn off, or the time set longer.


Soon we'll see the results, the entire burn time 14 minutes 48 seconds, the burning process of the CPU is not high, the author P4 2.4 of the computer occupancy has been between the 4~8%.

In the same way, we also use the CD recording feature to carve a disk, can be written in 16X (2.4M per second):


The burn was also successfully completed.

The CDs and DVDs you burn can be read smoothly on both the normal CD and DVD drive, and the data on your hard drive is properly saved. If you are willing to actually burn DVD movies, not much, considering the cost of a D plate may most people do not:

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