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In recent months of the optical storage market, 18X DVD burner has gradually become a hot spot in the market. Although from the performance indicators, 18X and 16X compared with no absolute advantage, but the arrival of 18X DVD burner, but unknowingly the Dvd-ram burn speed from 5X to the 12X. From then on, we no longer need to dvd-ram slow reading and writing speed and depressed. Realize the most efficient "optical hard drive", in fact, is not a difficult thing!

Characteristics of Dvd-ram Platters

Dvd-ram is a kind of erasable DVD standard which is introduced by Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba and other companies. It uses a technique similar to a CD-RW, but differs in the medium reflectivity and data format. Because of this, the normal DVD drive does not read the Dvd-ram platter. Although the latest technology has led to the reduction of Dvd-ram disc compatibility, but also for the Dvd-ram disc provides a broad opportunity for development. The biggest advantage of the Dvd-ram platter is that it is easy to operate, after the format is finished, no special software can be written and erased, just as simple as "copy" and "Paste" on the hard disk. Theoretically speaking, the Dvd-ram disc can be erased more than 100,000 times, more durable than the DVD+/-RW platter with only hundreds of lifetimes. Because of this, Dvd-ram is also called "Optical hard disk"!

Advantages of 18X Burner

18X DVD Burner is emerging in the first half of this year, because 18X burners than 16X burner in the theoretical read and write speed increased by about 15%, so beyond the original optical storage engineers said 9200rpm is the highest write speed of the DVD burner, Beyond the 1OOOOrpm speed is to let some optical storage enthusiasts feel more delighted. Under theoretical data, the 18X Burner writes at a speed of 24.3mb/s, and it takes only 3 minutes to fill a 4.7GB DVD-R disc. Such technological improvements have turned 18X into the most polished word in the field of optical storage. However, when people study the 18X burner carefully, it will be found that such a technological breakthrough does not have much practical significance. Compared to the 16X burner, the 18X burner only saves a few 10 seconds of short time, and the result is indeed greater "calorific value" and "scrap rate." That's why a lot of users have been using 16X as a 18X burner since they bought it. Happily, however, there is another change in the 18X DVD burner, which is that Dvd-ram's burn rate has been elevated from 5X to 12X. In the original 5X state, it often takes more than half an hour to format a dvd-ram platter, but now it is reduced to more than 10 minutes. In this way, the use of "optical hard disk" is more efficient, Dvd-ram can finally be near the speed of the real hard drive!

Price/performance of 18X burner

For now, the 18X DVD burner has a pretty good price/performance ratio. In addition to the Pukot products are outdated to sell to more than 600 yuan, including Samsung, Asus, Sony, LG, BenQ, Lite, the six optical storage manufacturers of the corresponding products have dropped to 350 yuan nearby. LG's gsa-h12n and Samsung's ts-h652d has dropped to 299 yuan, the price has been completely flat with the price of 16X DVD burner. It's a good deal to spend 50 of dollars to buy 18X DVD burners. Already listed products are also the latest "light carving" models. Although the 12X Dvd-ram platter has not been listed in large quantities, the following speed of burning platters is entirely trustworthy. According to the price of the 5X dvd-ram platter about 50 yuan, the price of the 12X Dvd-ram platter should be about 80 yuan (there is already a price of 45 yuan million wins bulk 12X Dvd-ram platter). Although it is more expensive than a common burning disk, it is much cheaper than a USB disk or SD card with a 4GB capacity. Because of this, consumers who are ready to buy a DVD burner in the near future should still lock in the target and put the 18X DVD burner's purchase plan on the agenda!

Value Products recommended

Samsung TS-H652M

2MB cache capacity, with light carving technology, support 18X dvd+/-r write, 12X dvd-ram write, 48X CD-R write and 32X CD-RW read-write. In addition, the recorder also uses the at Intelligent Speed optimization technology, DOUBLE-OPC Dual Laser intelligence guidance technology, MAGIC speed Intelligent Speed Regulation technology and ABS automatic ball balance system, effectively guarantee the burning and reading stability. Reference Price: 329 RMB

Asus DRW-1814BLT

This is also an application of the optical carving technology DVD burner, with 2MB cache capacity, support 18X dvd+/-r write, 8X dvd+/-r write, 8X dvd+rw overwrite, 6X dvd+rw overwrite, 40X CD-R write and 32X CD-RW read-write, but also support 14X Dvd-ram write. It is worth mentioning that the SATA interface is also adopted, which greatly improves the burst transmission and anti-jamming performance of the data. Reference Price: 350 RMB

LG gsa-h12n

The product has a 2MB cache capacity, supports 18X Dvd+/-r writes, 10X Dvd+dl writes, 8X DVD-R writes, 8X DVD+RW overwrite, 6X dvd+rw overwrite, 12X dvd-ram write, 48X CD-R write, and 32X CD-RW reading and writing. Although this model does not provide light carving function, but the price is only 299 yuan, cost-effective or quite good, suitable for the price-oriented user choice. Reference Price: 299 RMB

BenQ DW1805

This is the first batch of BenQ support 12X Dvd-ram write models, but also the first batch of Philips master control chip SuperMulti burner, with 2MB cache capacity, and has a lightscribe light carving function. In addition, this burner also has the Solidburn Sally Knife Technology, through its self-learning function can obtain the best burning quality, effective guarantee the burning stability and success rate. Reference Price: 349 RMB

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