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The new system will certainly add more interesting new features in addition to patching up the system's historical vulnerabilities, and whether the new features work well depends on whether it passes through the tests of our users. The Dynamics CRM 2013 system will no longer support Dynamics CRM 4.0 's client-side script libraries, so many of the features developed with hack techniques will be at risk of being unavailable, and this can cause a lot of problems.

Today we'll discuss what features are added to the Dynamics CRM 2013 system and what these features are designed to address. For the specific analysis of these new features, I will continue to update the blog, hoping to help people faster to the new system has a perceptual understanding.

Access Team

Dynamics CRM 2011 First presented the concept of a team: The team is part of an organization and can add users from different organizations to all security roles within the Team,team. This concept solves the challenge of not being able to subordinate the same record to multiple users in crm4.0, and we can also use the team to solve the problem of accessing records across organizations (siblings). Dynamics CRM only supports the tree structure of the Organization, but in the real environment, all kinds of difficult diseases we will meet: diamond structure.

Of course, we do not consider the right and wrong of the structure from the perspective of business, if we want to solve such a thing in such a structure: there is a brother organization A,b. B has child organization C, now we have to solve 2 problems: 1 C to access the records of a, 2) A to access the records of C. These 2 questions do compare dog blood, but how do we solve them if they do happen? The only way to do this is through the team.

Solution to problem one: Build a team on a and add users in C who need access to a record to the team.

Solution to problem two: build a unity on B, adding users in a who need access to C records to the team.

The team doesn't work well, and the project that I'm working on is really very small, but it does solve some of the problems. The original team in the new system is renamed owner team, and its function is no different from 2011. For the newly added access team, it can be understood as a lightweight team that does not have the SecurityRole feature and is not the owner of the record, and is essentially similar to the owner team.
Business rule

Business rule can be understood as a configurable trigger, in the previous system, many times need to be based on business requirements to limit the content of the form: such as approval status for submission, then some fields can not be used. It turns out that these operations are done only by developers, and now business people can easily do this by configuring business rule. Of course, there are limits to what it can handle, and it does not completely replace the developer. At present it supports the behavior: on the form of the actual hint information, set the value of a field, hide the field, lock the field, set the requirements of the field level.

Business Process Flow

BPF, as its name suggests, is to make the business more standard, so that the name of the right. For many end users, the CRM system is a very difficult to use the system, too many buttons and too many business rules need to understand and memory, inadvertently error, so that no longer operate.

Believe that the new version of the BPF is to improve this type of problem, the existence of a CRM in the Business Process diagram form, and establish a different stage, the user for the current need to complete the task at a glance. The idea is really good, BPF can be configured and can cross entity (related entity) business processes. For example, in the lead on the BPF interspersed between the lead and opportunity, believe that end users will love this feature.

Real-time workflow

The new version already supports real-time workflows and is really powerful. This will save a lot of time to write Plug-ins, but the main effort to put on the complex business process. Real-time workflow supports transactions, and its running pipelines and plug-ins are the same: 30.

Custom Action

Custom behavior, this feature is a more interesting thing. It is similar to the workflow performed by the On-demanded method, and the only difference is that it supports the passing of parameters, but we can only call it in the background code. Think of it as a workflow to support input and output.

Data encryption

It is said to provide field-level encryption, and there is no way to use it, and if you want to use this feature, you need to change the way CRM is bound to SSL (very frustrating). As it turns out, CRM is the security of data and the DB layer. Believe that the field premission control plus the data encryption can fully meet the security needs of users.

Asynchronous Request

Asynchronous request, the new system supports asynchronous processing requests! If you're using a retrievemultiplerequest query system, it's a good choice to set it up for asynchronous execution. I believe this vast developer is a good news, using this function to reconstruct the response speed of the ground before the function, will certainly be greatly improved.

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