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In order to make it easier for you to find the part that you need to reference more quickly, the part that has been translated is done according to the catalogue of the authoritative guide, and I hope to be helpful. Start (Getting Started) 1. You know, to search

English original link: you Know, for Search 2. Life in the cluster

Translation Links:
How the [Elasticsearch] cluster works-part I.
How the [Elasticsearch] cluster Works-Part II

Link to the original English: Life inside a Cluster 3. Data in, data out

Link in English original: Data in, data out 4. Distributed Document Storage

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Distributed document storage

English original link: Distributed Document Store 5. Search-Basic Tools

English original link: searching-the Basic Tools 6. Mapping and Analysis

English original link: Mapping and analysis 7. Full-body Search

English original link: full-body Search 8. Sorting and correlation

English original link: Sorting and relevance 9. Distributed Search Execution

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Distributed search

English original link: distributed Search execution 10. Index management

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] index management (i)
[Elasticsearch] index management (ii)
[Elasticsearch] index management (iii)-root object (Root objects)
[Elasticsearch] index management (iv)-Dynamic mapping
[Elasticsearch] index management (v)-default mapping, re-index, index alias

Link to original English: Index Management 11. Deep inside the Shard

English original link: Inside a Shard deep search (search in Depth) 12. Structured Search

English original link: Structured search 13. Full-text searching

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Full Text Search (i)-Basic concepts and match queries
[Elasticsearch] Full Text Search (ii)-merger of multi-word queries and queries
[Elasticsearch] Full-Text Search (iii)-relationship between match query and BOOL query, raising query clauses
[Elasticsearch] Full-text Search (iv)-Control analysis and correlation

English original link: Full-text search 14. Multi-field Searches

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Multi-field search (one)-Multiple and single query strings
[Elasticsearch] Multi-field search (ii)-best field query and its tuning
[Elasticsearch] Multi-field Search (iii)-Multi_match query and multi-number fields
[Elasticsearch] Multi-field Search (iv)-cross-field entity search
[Elasticsearch] Multi-field search (v)-field-centric queries
[Elasticsearch] Multi-field search (vi)-Custom _all field, cross-domain query and exact value field

English original link: Multifield Search 15. Proximity match

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Proximity match (i)-phrase match and slop parameter
[Elasticsearch] Proximity match (ii)-multivalued field, proximity and correlation
[Elasticsearch] Proximity match (iii)-performance, associated word query, and shingles

English original link: Proximity Matching 16. Partial Match

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Partial match (i)-prefix query
[Elasticsearch] Partial match (ii)-wildcard character and regular expression query
[Elasticsearch] Partial match (iii)-Instant Search during query
[Elasticsearch] partial match (iv)-Instant Search during index optimization ngrams and indexing period

English original link: Partial Matching 17. Control Correlation

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] control correlation (i)-The theory behind the calculation of the correlation degree score
[Elasticsearch] Control Correlation (ii)-PSF in Lucene (practical scoring Function) and elevation during query
[Elasticsearch] Control Correlation (iii)-Adjustment of correlation by query structure and boosting query
[Elasticsearch] control correlation (quad)-Ignore TF/IDF
[Elasticsearch] control Correlation (v)-function_score query and Field_value_factor,boost_mode,max_mode parameters
[Elasticsearch] control correlation (vi)-filter,functions and Random_score parameters in Function_score queries

English original link: Controlling relevance processing natural language (dealing with Human Language) 18. Start working with Languages

English original link: Getting Started with Languages 19. Recognize Words

English original link: identifying Words 20. Normalization Terms

English original link: normalizing Tokens 21. Word specification to its root

English original link: reducing Words to their Root Form 22. Stop Word: Performance vs accuracy

English original link: stopwords:performance Versus Precision 23. Synonyms

English original link: Synonyms 24. Spelling errors

English original link: typoes and mispelings aggregation (aggregations) 25. Important Concepts

Translation Links:
Important concepts in [Elasticsearch] aggregation-Buckets (barrels) and metrics (indicators)

English original link: high-level concepts 26. Aggregation Test Drive

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Aggregated test data

English original link: Aggregation test-drive 27. Create a bar chart

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Aggregation-Create bar chart (bar chart)

English original link: Building Bar Charts 28. Time Data Processing

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Aggregation-temporal data processing (looking at time)

English original link: Looking at time 29. Aggregation Scope

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Aggregation scope (scoping aggregations)

English original link: scoping aggregations 30. Filter queries and aggregations

Translation Links:
[Elasticsearch] Filtering queries and aggregations (Filtering Queries and aggregations)

English original link: Filtering Queries and Aggregations 31. Sorting multi-value buckets

English original link: sorting multivalue Buckets 32. Approximate aggregation

English original link: approximate aggregations 33. Important Terms

English original link: significant Terms 34. Controlling memory usage and latency

English original link: Controlling Memory use and Latency 35. Aggregation Summary

English original link: Closing Thoughts


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