Ethereum Series (iv): A Historical Review of Ethereum development

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Ethereum History

For recent history, please see the Taylor gerring blog post. Birth

At the same time, Vitalik began working with Dr. Gavin Wood to create Ethereum. In April 2014, Gavin published the Ethereum Yellow Book as a technical note for Ethereum virtual machines. As specified in the Yellow Book, the Ethereum client has been implemented in 7 programming languages (C + +, Go, Python, Java, JavaScript, Haskell, Rust), making the software generally more optimized. Ethereum releases crypto Currency 2.0 network--Early January 2014 CoinDesk article announced in Bitcointalk that Ethereum--vitalik first announced Ethereum to the bitcoin community. Forum post received 5000 replies.

Ethereum Foundation and ethereum pre-sale

In addition to the development of Ethereum software, the release of new crypto currencies and blockchain requires a lot of auxiliary effort to assemble the resources needed to start and run. To quickly build a large network of developers, miners, and other stakeholders, Ethereum announces a pre-sale plan for Ethereum (ethereum currency unit). The legal and financial complexities of raising funds through Presale have led to the birth of several legal entities, including the Ethereum Fund (Stiftung Ethereum) established in Zug, Switzerland, in June 2014.

Since June 2014, Ethereum has allocated the first etheric currency with a 42-day pre-sale of the etheric currency, earning 31,591 Bitcoin at the time, valued at $18,439,086 and exchanging about 60,102,216 Ethereum. The proceeds were first used to repay the increasing legal debt, to repay the developers for months of effort, and to finance the continued development of Ethereum. Launch of Ethereum Sales--A concise statistical page on Presale on the first official announcement on the Ethereum blog (discontinued thereafter) Overview: Ethereum IPO--slacknation blog post-all statistics on pre-sale of ethereum terms and conditions Eth/dev and Ethereum Development

After the successful sale of Ethereum, Ethereum development was formalized under the management of the nonprofit organization ETH Dev, which developed--vitalik Buterin,gavin Wood and Jeffrey in accordance with Ethereum Suisse's contract management Ethereum. Wilcke as 3 supervisors of the organization. In 2014, developers ' interest in Ethereum continued to grow steadily, and the ETH Dev Team released a series of proof-of-concept (PoC) assessments for the developer community. Frequent postings by the ETH Dev team in Ethereum blogs also maintain the continued attraction and strong momentum of Ethereum's attention to the public. The increasing number of visits and user-based platforms on the Ethereum forum and Ethereum Reddit branch is creating a growing interest in a burgeoning community of developers who are passionate about the cause, a trend that continues today. DEVCON-0

In April 2014, ETH Dev organized the DEVCON-0 event and Ethereum developers around the world gathered in Berlin to discuss various Ethereum technical issues. Some of DEVcon-0 's presentations and meetings later drove Ethereum to a more reliable, safer and more scalable direction. Overall, this activity inspires developers to continue their efforts to launch the Ethereum goal. DEVCON-0 speech Youtu Playlist DEVCON-0 Reddit post Gav's dev about DEVCON-0 update DEVcon-0 blog post outline devgrants project

In April 2015, the Devgrants project was released, providing funds for all contributions to the Ethereum platform and Ethereum-based projects. Hundreds of developers have contributed time and wisdom to ethereum projects and open source projects. This project is designed to reward and support the efforts of developers. The Devgrants project is still in operation today, and the project fund situation was last updated in January 2016. Devgrants first released DEVCON-1 announced the new fund devgrants public Gitter, Wendell Davis in DEVCON-1 on Devgrants's lecture Olympic test network, Vulnerability reporting incentives and security Review

The development of 2014 and 2015 has undergone a series of proof-of-concept releases, bringing the Nineth POC Open Test network, known as Olympic. The developer community is invited to detect the limits of the network, and a large number of reward funds are allocated to those who maintain different records or in some way successfully compromised the system. One months after the site was released, officials announced the awards.

In the early 2015, the Ethereum Rewards program was launched to provide BTC bonuses to those who discovered any weaknesses in the Ethereum software stack. This will undoubtedly benefit Ethereum's reliability, safety and the technical confidence of the Ethereum community. This bonus program is still active and has no end plan.

The Ethereum security review began in late 2014 and lasted until the first half of 2015. Ethereum invited a number of third-party software security companies to conduct end-to-end reviews of all the key components of the protocol (Ethereum VMS, networks, workload certifications). The review found a number of security issues, and the problem was raised and re-tested, resulting in a more secure platform. Olympic Test Network pre-release--vitalik blog post specifically introduced the Olympic Award Olympic award released--vitalik blog post specifically introduced the winners and Prizes vulnerability Report Incentive program Launch Ethereum Award project website Least Authority Review blog post-attached review report link Deja Vu Review blog post ethereum Frontier launch

The Ethereum Frontier Network was launched on July 30, 2015, and developers began to write smart contracts and de-centric applications to be deployed on the Ethereum real-time network. In addition, miners began joining Ethereum Networks to help secure the Ethereum blockchain and earn ethereum from mining blocks. Although Frontier's release was the first milestone in the Ethereum project, developers tried to use it as a beta version, but as a result it was more useful and reliable than anyone expected, and developers immediately started building solutions to improve the ethereum ecosystem.

See also: Vinay Gupta initial release Process notice Frontier to--stephan tual release Notification Frontier start the last step-post-release supplemental post Frontier release of Ethereum online Frontier website DEVCON-1

The second developer conference, DEVCON-1, was held in London in early November 2015. The 5-day meeting, with more than 100 presentations, a symposium and a quick discussion, attracted more than 400 attendees, including developers, entrepreneurs, thinkers and business executives. All the speeches are recorded and can be viewed for free.

Big companies such as UBS, IBM and Microsoft have made clear their interest in the technology. Microsoft says it will provide ethereum on its new blockchain as a service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. This announcement marks the time when Ethereum-centric blockchain technology has become mainstream and will be remembered as DEVCON-1. DEVCON-1 Speech Yoube Playlist DEVCON-1 website presentation full list, some links to slide history Resources simple Timeline schematic reference:

The list in the article corresponds to the link can refer to "Ethereum Homestead Documentation" 8th page 1.1.5 History of Ethereum Taylor gerring blog: https://

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