Flappy Bird how to play? Flappy Bird Novice Introduction

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Flappy Bird Novice Introduction

Game play: After the game starts, click on the screen, to remember that there is intermittent click on the screen, do not let the birds fall off.

Game process: Let the bird not hit the pillar, safely through, through a pillar of 1 points.

Small series of experience: must maintain a peaceful and happy mood, point of time do not force too heavy, as far as possible to watch the bird's height, do not let other things divided heart.

Novice Note:

1, it is recommended that patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, Virgo friends away from this game, the so-called cherish life, away from the stupid birds;

2, before playing this game to determine their own mood, because you will soon be irritated by this game, and simply can't stop AH;

3, do not think once you can get a 100 more points, don't think, or wash and sleep!

Flappy Bird Modify cheating skills

1, download the "Flappy Bird" game, and then enter the game, press the home keyboard exit;

2, download ifile software: Open the Cydia search element in the input ifile can be searched to the software, after installation can be;

3, open the downloaded good ifile, find the name of Atlas. TXT file, as shown below;

4, after the entry to find pipe2_up down and Houm 320, and to 5, as shown in the following figure;

5, Save the modified TXT file, and then enter the game, as shown in the following figure.

High score video Strategy tips

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