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Product Planning: A good idea is crucial, considering the current social environment, game development level, player preferences, and market needs. Exquisite pictures, smooth game rhythm, plots, and sound game systems can keep your game undefeated. Product development: after the main game framework is set, it is the product development stage. Experienced project experience certainly knows that game development is not just a good game, but there are still many things to consider in the development stage. For example, you need to provide technical support for data analysis, flexible configuration, promotion, intermodal transportation, and O & M of game operation activities in the later stage. Therefore, you must have good technical scalability and Interface Support. Technical internal test: A comprehensive technical test should be conducted after the first version of technology is developed. Joint debugging, performance testing, functional testing, and other sealing tests between various system modules: a small range of sealing tests can be conducted after the technical internal test is completed to test the players' reflection on the product. At the same time, it can also test the performance and functions of the product and identify undiscovered bugs. note that you should keep a good record of players' feedback on the product at this time, because these players are professional and hardcore players. You can provide a lot of good suggestions for your product. Delete files (do not delete files) External test: After further improvement, you can perform external test. Some of them can also be directly operated. With promotion and a large number of players involved, this is the time to really test the game quality. This is the time when the game can be well operated. The value is not worth continuing. At this time, we can see it. Trial Operation: similar to the first external test. The robustness and stability of the product may be better. Official Launch: After the problem exposed by the trial operation is solved, the product can be officially launched after the first version is formed. The marketing department should do a good job of publicity and promotion. Guides players into the game. The customer service should collect and solve gamer problems. Keep every player as much as possible. O & M: this is a complex and long process. Coordinate Development, Planning, O & M, and marketing departments. Regular and irregular activities, promotions, version updates, and system upgrades ensure the playability and sustainability of the game. Game Promotion: The reason why game promotion is proposed separately is that the promotion itself runs through the entire product cycle. The promotion pace varies according to the product cycle. During Game Development, we began to promote the name and features of the game. Give the audience an expectation. In the process of game development, internal testing, and so on, it can be easily promoted. Gradually expose the features, gameplay, and gaming system of the game. Let players gradually learn about the game. Before the external test, we should promote the first wave of big data and use various promotion methods. To promote the popularity of the first test and bring more players. There are network and non-network promotion methods. There are many non-network advertisements, including TV advertisements, paper media, and ground advertisements. For more information about the network, see the second wave of promotion before the official launch. Generally, it is better to put the most effective three days before the launch of the service. In the O & M stage, you can regularly and persistently perform some promotion based on the product pace. Ensure Continuous introduction of players to the game. Ensure the number of online users. The above is relatively simple. If you have any shortcomings, please give me some advice !, For future use. Thank you!

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