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A professional website to get the trust and confidence of most people, how can you get rid of your website rustic, to create a professional? Here is a 12 point design essentials, consider in a professional website design.

1. First Impressions

We all know that first impressions are very important. It has always been a big factor in retaining readers and attracting new users. If your site doesn't impress readers on your first visit, they don't want to visit your site again. You don't want to lose a potential customer, so make sure your site looks professional. This is an important factor to retain the reader.

2 Optimized loading time

Your visitors will not stay for long, just wait for your site to load. You will be wasting the bandwidth and it will also irritate the impatient visitors. Keep in mind that the recommended size for a Web page is 40 to K, so it doesn't load too long. The faster your site loads, the better.

3 Easy Navigation

Make sure it is easy to navigate your Web page. Become simple. Let your navigation encourage your readers to look at other parts of the site. If you're not navigating as well as placing and readers are still looking for it, it will be frustrating. Once they choose to see something, if they don't reach an information page, they won't like it too much. It is important to highlight a good navigation system.

4 using the correct color combination

Color is one of the important functions of a website. Choose the right combination of colors that will make their reading easier. In addition, we should also consider color psychology. Especially the meaning of the color of the website is very important. To avoid misunderstanding, you need to use the correct color. Choose the right color combination, so it won't be a headache for the reader. A site with a bad combination of colors will make it look cheap and unprofessional. Don't forget to use a safe color that looks the same in any browser.

5 Highlight your products and services

A professional web site is for your products and services to serve. If you have a good layout, the customer can easily see your product. Use good image, display products, and give enough information. Think about the products or services your customers want to know and place prominently on your site.

6 Browser compatibility

You must also make sure that your Web site will be open to browsers that are not used by the client. If you select a browser limit, you will lose a lot of customers. Make it accessible to all people. When you create it, you should also consider all of your visitors.

7 different

If it's different from your competitors, your site is professional. Make sure your readers will be able to differentiate your site from other sites. In this way, you will not only make your site memorable, it will also create a good brand for you, especially for the business site is critical. Make a unique website so you can build your own online brand and reputation.

8 using the correct font

A professional website will not use fancy fonts. It will make the site look scary and it's unprofessional. Your visitors will think you are not serious about your site. There is even a good chance that they will not trust your site at all. Therefore, the standard font used is easy to read. Also, make sure you use a web-safe font that can be read anytime, anywhere.

9 Use of Professional graphics

Choose your image. Do not use just any type of image. It should be of high quality and it should be suitable for your site. Only when there is a need for the image. Also, make sure your picture is small and the size of the file makes it negative?? Load relaxed. Select a small image, but also appropriate. Don't use big pictures, it will make your website unprofessional.

10 Do not use flash text and limit the number of animations

If you feel the flashing text clapping, you are wrong. It makes your site look cheap and low standard. If you have a banner ad and do not choose Flash, it is actually unnecessary. When visitors see this, they will think that your site is unprofessional and will leave immediately. You can also limit your animations. This is the only valid if used cleverly. If you have more animations on your site, it will increase the load time.

11 Avoid sound and music

If you want your site to be professional, do not use background music. When they open your website, they suddenly hear something unexpected. Some people really leave, will?? Was shocked. Although there is a "music off" option. So if you want to keep your customers, please avoid any sound.

12 don't put too many ads.

We cannot deny the fact that advertising is important for a website. This is the source of revenue for most websites, but it is certain that not too many ads are placed on one page. You have to think of ways to properly place your ads. Allocated area for these ads and no crowds on one page. Also, select the ads for your site. Avoid flashing banners that will make your site look unprofessional.

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