Git GUI and Command line

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Git GUI and Command line

Git manages code versions in two ways: GUI and Command line

GUI: There are platform restrictions. Currently, only Windows systems are supported. Linux (Unix) adopts the command line mode, and the number of Display files is limited each time the graphic interface is submitted (for example: A maximum of 20000 files can be displayed)

Command Line: no platform restrictions. supported in Windows and Linux (Unix and Mac OS X). You can use gid add dir/files to add files without restrictions on the number of files.

The following describes how to manage and operate Git:

1. GUI

First, download the Git graphical interface tool in Windows: msysgit or official download

Next, install msysgit, such as download the latest Git-1.7.10-preview20120409.exe after installation, the operation methods are Git GUI and Git Bash, the default is Gui Bash Only

After the installation is complete, Go to Start> All Programs> Git. There are two icons: Git Bash and Git Gui. Click the following to start the Git Gui:

You can create a new version Library (local), clone an existing version Library (remote), and open an existing version Library (local or remote)

For example, to clone an existing version Library (remote), for example, to clone and download a linux-kernel-source:

A. Click "clone existing version library" and enter the remote version Library (xxx) and local directory (xxx) in sequence, as shown in figure

2. Command Line

A. Git remote download

Git clone git: // project_path

For example, to download linux-kernel-source, the Git command is as follows:

Git clone

For example, download the Linux kernel

Git clone git: // home/homer/Linux-kernel-3.3.4

B. Local Git upload

Add a new file: git add dir/files

Submit the file: git commit

Upload File: git push

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