Give me happiness, give me Loneliness

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Loneliness, a pure joy in life. Avoid the window of the feasting, alone under the lamp incense boil book, from the depths of the soul permeated with the sentiment lingering at the fingertips, flowing out of simple text, fresh and natural like lawn, green trees, red flowers; or brew a cup of green tea leaves such as flowers blooming like a fine glance, refreshing; Buzzing the rhythm of the whole room, or spread the old photos, look at the big eyes, long braids of the girl's growth in the history of the sentiment deposition. Like this, a person, quietly, gently let the mind wander in a small space, fine products alone, without any grudge to let their thoughts fly in the sky.

I like Rodin's unique Insight: "Art is the product of loneliness, because loneliness enriches people's emotions more than happiness." "True, the Sages are lonely. Li Qingzhao's loneliness in the woman's mourning is deep and pathos, so her words "do not have the language and the meaning is not enough"; Qu Yuan in the contemplation of the loneliness of high sorrow, so his poetry is solemn and beautiful, wallowing fragrance, Zhuang Zi in the solitude of isolation, so his ethical Pochi paradox, rosewood splendor.

Huxley said: "The greater, the more original spirit of the more people like loneliness." Indeed, the process of enjoying loneliness, is a process of sublimation of wisdom and psychological quality, is the process of unlimited expansion of the mind, is a process of creating excellent LG, is a clear peep to remove the mask of their own process, is a distillation from the suffering of life, put the desire to put down, the ups as usual, to the self-help process. These processes, without concern, become the soil for the growth of Destiny's self-shapers.

Secretly, it can be said that escape loneliness is foolish, abandon loneliness is to abandon a self-practice, self-examination, self-analysis of the opportunity.

Red dust rolling, impetuous has been boiling in every corner of society, the inconstant, quick success, ambitious, and the Restless, Shire ... Finally, the fast-paced life of the rapids cooked, become a product of urbanization.

This situation, why not in the social tired, fanatical impetuous, temporarily put on the bag, off the cumbersome, calm mentality, into a only you, and your thinking of the world. What the world dispute, what children affair, what Midgard trivial, what hurts bettering is only the train through the tunnel experience of the dark, will eventually get the sky bright light. In the lonely depths of the purification of the mind, let us know the intention to stay and the next insult not surprised the boldness, so as to get free and quiet, have forever belong to their own endurance and perseverance.

Loneliness is a state and mood, please do not profane loneliness, loneliness is not a prosperous after the lonely frustrated, not the fate of many fated after the decadent self-pity, not pretending to solitude paranoid aloof, but not from the disillusioned after the jealous vulgar. True loneliness is when the mood jumps out of the world after the disturbance, really freed free, truly overflowing with joy.

Give yourself a chance to be alone, when all the feelings in the loneliness is brewing in the sweat, when the harvest beyond the joy of life's gift, it will arise out of a feeling: "Give me happiness, give me alone." ”

Give me happiness, give me Loneliness

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